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New Age Christianity

In this episode we continue our discussion of New Age influence in Christianity and what it looks like compared to our jurisdiction in Christ.

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We review what makes it New Age in Christianity, do we throw out the commons just because they are New Age? Some characteristics are claims to the power of I AM and declaring oneself as “Almighty God” because we have a power given by the Holy Spirit. But that doesn’t give us right to act as God.

What is the jurisdiction Christian have in Jesus? When it crosses the lines into New Age, Occult, and witchcraft. Believers are not to have anything to do with witchcraft. Some practices are forbidden and only used in reference to witchcraft. When Christians demand “creative power” they think they can conjure things for their sake from nothing.

The metaphysical aspects allowed in God differ from those manifested from divining.

Can thoughts manifest into reality? We explain how thoughts MAY produce an energy capable of disrupting physical realm (if energy can be transformed into significant energy) to affect frequency waves. But not that they can manifest thought or imagination into reality of substance.

Sounds (words) may have some affect on nature, but not in a significant way of manipulation or manifestation. Our words create a frequency wave, but can it move objects, affect weather, or move mountains? My comment that if that were so we wasted a lot of resources on dynamite. Why not just send a few believers to a site to shake down the mountain?

Thoughts may have energy, but when expressed produce words into suggestive action that would affect another person (words CAN hurt you). However, in an experiment when I was in the “occult” I could use my mind in deep concentration of thought to seemingly vibrate the atmosphere around me and create an energy affecting others near me. Is that possible then?

There is a blurred line between science and the supernatural. Some crossover and mix the two when metaphysical and testable evidence cross. Experiments¬† conducted at DARPA in the supernatural. The Rosicrucians were considered “Last of the mystics and the first of the scientists.” I take that to have a double meaning that science is blurred into mysticism at some level.

Gnosticism is a major concept of what the Serpent in the Garden taught. Man can know good and evil (have knowledge). Gnosticism is the forbidden occult knowledge kept in guarded secrecy only exposed to those in their circles. New Age teaches enlightenment; metaphysical knowledge of self-awareness, self-awakeness, but into a false adaption of becoming gods and self-exalted as Deity. It is forbidden territory with God.

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