New Age Christianity

New Age Christianity Pt1 | podcast

July 31, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss New Age influence in Christianity. We share the origins of New Age and a possible cause of infiltrating the Christian faith. Listen to “New Age Christianity Pt1” on Spreaker. New Age is a Luciferian philosophy we believe originated in the Garden of Eden introduced to [READ MORE]

Mary and Jesus

Christmas and Catholicism | podcast

December 26, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss the Christmas season and connection with Catholicism by analyzing its roots. Some say the season is about Christ, but the name is only a label to the real significance to the festivities. Christians adopt the time. Listen to “Christmas and Catholicism” on Spreaker. In our [READ MORE]


What is the Sign of Jesus Coming?

October 6, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Many are looking for signs of Jesus’ second coming. The scripture tells the specific order and what to look for in Matthew 24. We will compare the scripture with issues going on in today’s society. You may download the episode by simply clicking on the title.

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Mystery Babylon and the Babylonian System

December 27, 2015 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Does Babylon exist today? What is mystery Babylon? We break down the system as referred to in scripture to highlight the essence of Babylon and the making of Mystery Babylon. The seed of Satan, the root of the false kingdom, and how he works through men to counterfeit God’s kingdom [READ MORE]

Upon This Rock I will Build My Church

November 10, 2015 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Jesus built the church. But what is church, and how did we get the wrong understanding of the organization structure? Many will fill the blank with the word “church” because it is the translated word traditionally accepted used by the KJV and other translations. Let us look at a verse [READ MORE]

Are You Going to Heaven?

August 20, 2015 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Everyone wants to go to heaven. Everyone thinks they are going to heaven. However, when asked are you sure you are going to heaven, that is where many hesitate. So they are back to the beginning question. Some will justify their answer by claiming they are not any worse than [READ MORE]

God creates the heaven and earth

Who is God?

May 25, 2015 Jim Duke Perspective 0

“God” is a generic word that is understood as the meaning of a Divine Deity. Biblical rendering is to the Almighty Supreme Creator of Heaven, who is described as “God of gods” to differentiate Him with other gods. In Greek it is “Theos.” Earlier Hebrew renderings called Him “El,” which is the [READ MORE]

Contamination in Christian Churches

May 24, 2015 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The Contamination in Christian Churches – #041 The Bible warns some will creep into the Church spreading deception and doctrines of heresies. In this episode we will examine the true meaning of church, the direction of modern church, and the contamination of Freemasonry that has infiltrated Christianity to usher in [READ MORE]