Mystery Babylon and the Babylonian System

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Does Babylon exist today? What is mystery Babylon? We break down the system as referred to in scripture to highlight the essence of Babylon and the making of Mystery Babylon. The seed of Satan, the root of the false kingdom, and how he works through men to counterfeit God’s kingdom and lead the creation from the glory of Almighty God unto worship of himself by enticing them with temporal pleasures of the carnal flesh that brings them to death and keeps them from the eternal life Jesus Christ has for them in the Spirit.

Lucifer challenged God in heaven to sit on the throne of the Most High and direct men to worship him.

Satan the adversary tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3 that offered the knowledge of God to be like Him. The act of Adam also accepting the fruit gave the deeds to the world
over to Satan.

Satan set up a counterfeit kingdom that he is worshiped instead of God. Babel represents man reaching godhood to become the vehicle in which Satan (Lucifer) rules over the earth.

Babylon is built as a false kingdom to represent man as the measure of all things and the moral standard according to the flesh. It incorporated economic, social, and religious worship unto Satan through man.

Lucifer keeps men bound to this world by enticing with pleasure, carnality, and acts of the flesh to sustain a temporal world in which he is bound.

Jesus Christ is the intended ruler of the world and His kingdom stands despite what Satan has deceived. Jesus Christ is the means in which men can be saved through Him to have eternal life.

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