Mary and Jesus

Christmas and Catholicism | podcast

December 26, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss the Christmas season and connection with Catholicism by analyzing its roots. Some say the season is about Christ, but the name is only a label to the real significance to the festivities. Christians adopt the time. Listen to “Christmas and Catholicism” on Spreaker. In our [READ MORE]

Jesus engraving

Reliability of Jesus’ Existence

December 19, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Zeitgeist the Movie, Jordan Maxwell, Sitchen, and Jesus Seminar are all frauds making insignificant connections related to Jesus to claim He was a myth. Stories continue to circulate trying to prove Jesus was a myth creatd by Rome, or in the very least not significant. While serious scholars do not [READ MORE]

The Word of God

In the Beginning Was the Word

April 14, 2019 Jim Duke Perspective 0

This passage of scripture is of the most telling that expresses the significance of Jesus Christ as the original plan for God, emulating from Him.   [Jhn 1:1-5 KJV] 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same [READ MORE]

Eerie picture of Vatican Throne

Vatican Satanism | podcast

December 11, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

This episode the panel discusses accusations by insiders of Satanism practiced in the Vatican, the head of the Holy Roman Church. We will address the practices and sex scandals and how it relates, as well as some of the eerie imagery surrounding Vatican that few question. The Jesuits run the [READ MORE]

Christ Ravenna

Fake Jesus

March 10, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Which Jesus do you know? There are variations of Jesus according to which group you have been associated with. A Freemason Jesus, a New Age Jesus, a Catholic Jesus, even an ecumenical Jesus. However, there is only one true Jesus. The others are a fake Jesus. Your browser does not [READ MORE]

New Age spiritualism

New Age Fallacy

November 25, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

New Age is the belief that one can be their own god. In the same essence, they believe that they somehow can reach the Universal Divinity of the universe. They have taken in the Serpent’s doctrine, two principles; one that You shall be as gods knowing good and evil, and [READ MORE]

God creates the heaven and earth

Where is the Kingdom of God?

July 7, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

So many say they experience heaven. Some say they will go to heaven when they die. Yet they still have question. Then they answer that they HOPE they will. What path to divinity is qualified? Are they all acceptable? We will sort this out according to scripture. Some claim a [READ MORE]


Church vs. Ekklesia

June 3, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We have turned the body into an institution with a facility. To prove this, we invite a community of believers AND unbelievers to join in unequal yolk to hear a preaching from an altar and we call it “church.” We “go to” church and we worship in “church.” Church is [READ MORE]

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Two Kingdoms

May 21, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

There are two kingdoms, the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God. You are of one or the other. The kingdom of darkness is death to the Spirit of God, it is conformity to temporal things of this world, flesh indulging, and for progression of the world. It has [READ MORE]

The Great Conspiracy

April 22, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

When people hear the term Conspiracy Theory, several thoughts are conjured in their mind. They think of things like paranoia, nutcase, crazy, and tin-foil hat. However, while many scoff at such suggestion, there are real conspiracies that have been dismissed by some. The reason is because they are too unimaginable to [READ MORE]


Engaging against the Satanic Powers

February 11, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The recognition of Satan has increased over the past several years. Whether in groups like the “Satanic Temple” which are political in nature only using shock as a threat to Christianity, or the shows and movies in entertainment. The darkness has seemed to gain curiosity and intrigue. While some believe [READ MORE]

Dispelling the Darkness

January 8, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Many love the darkness rather than the light. We will discuss the true light and why the deeds of darkness need to be exposed. In this episode Jim and Bob discuss the contrast.

illuminati elite organization

The Luciferian Network

December 16, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Many now know of the mysterious Elite group known as the Illuminati. My article Who Are the Illuminati explains the basics of this Secret Society. But behind the Illuminati is is a vast network working to rule physical earth, at the same time controlling principalities and powers in the spiritual [READ MORE]

Religious symbols

Vain Philosophies Are Not The Solution

December 10, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Many will say to me, “You Bible thumping Jesus believers think your God is the only way and the only answer despite others gods and religions and philosophies out there…” The short answer is… “Yes we do.” Why is it they think THEIR belief is the solution? Why is it [READ MORE]


What is the Sign of Jesus Coming?

October 6, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Many are looking for signs of Jesus’ second coming. The scripture tells the specific order and what to look for in Matthew 24. We will compare the scripture with issues going on in today’s society. You may download the episode by simply clicking on the title.

Helena Blavatsky

New Age and Occult Luciferianism

June 5, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Madame Helena Blavatsky in the 1800’s promoted a spiritism that would invoke spirit guides for the betterment of society. Her belief is known as Theosophy, God-wisdom, that claims higher consciousness spiritual enlightenment. This developed into the Theosophist Society in which many world leaders have adopted as their belief system, such [READ MORE]

Exposing Hollywood and its Occult Rituals

January 31, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

What goes on behind the curtain of Hollywood? In this episode we discuss the roots of Hollywood, expose the back story of the clubs, the Satanic rituals and trauma-based abuse, the occultism and spiritual activity, and we tell how the celebrities are controlled by demonic spirits and how it affects [READ MORE]

Bethel Church Tells Witch that She’s “On the Right Path” and “God is So Proud of Her!” — Pirate Christian Media

January 10, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

This is an article from a former Christian who is now a witch; her blog is called: “Born Again Witch.” She and her fellow witch-friends (called a “coven”) visited Bill Johnson’s famous Bethel Church, in Redding California, and they also visited Bethel’s “School of Supernatural Ministry” where people are supposed to [READ MORE]

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Mystery Babylon and the Babylonian System

December 27, 2015 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Does Babylon exist today? What is mystery Babylon? We break down the system as referred to in scripture to highlight the essence of Babylon and the making of Mystery Babylon. The seed of Satan, the root of the false kingdom, and how he works through men to counterfeit God’s kingdom [READ MORE]