Exposing Hollywood and its Occult Rituals

photo: Adrian104

What goes on behind the curtain of Hollywood? In this episode we discuss the roots of Hollywood, expose the back story of the clubs, the Satanic rituals and trauma-based abuse, the occultism and spiritual activity, and we tell how the celebrities are controlled by demonic spirits and how it affects you the viewer. Also news reports on the death of another alternative doctor, Senate proposes more International power to the President, and the collapsing economy.

News Reports:

Another alternative doctor found in a mysterious death

The Senate proposes a law that gives the President power to declare International Martial Law

The Global Economy is still threatening as the Baltic Dry Index reaches an all time low

Facebook cooperates with China to hand over its “Red List”

Pulling Back the Curtain of the Hollywood Industry

We explore what goes on behind the scenes of Hollywood and its celebrities.

A look at the industry and its character of perversions. The lust it tempts, and what celebrities need to do to obtain success and popularity.

Its Occult Roots

Celebrities and their occultism

How it affects the viewers by willing becoming participants in the rituals and becoming subjective to its demonic spiritual influence.

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