Government Agencies Arm with Weapons

Government Agencies Arm with Weapons

Stories like this have been circulating for a decade or so warning that government agencies – ones not likely to have power – are being supplied with weapons and ammo. It claims a threat from govt agencies like the IRS and Agriculture Dept who is arming to detain citizens.

In a podcast years ago I reported the departments buying up weapons and ammo, in which at the time was reminded that these departments don’t have the military ability. So I concluded that perhaps they were doing so to confiscate the supplies and use these departments to utilize other budgets.
However, much to my surprise the rules for domestic engagement has changed. The USDA first gained the permanent ability to arm its criminal investigators in 1981. Twenty-five other federal agencies gained that permanent ability in 2002 as result of the Security Act, thanks to Republicans like Bush.

At 73 federal agencies and departments, independent sub-agencies called the Offices of the Inspector General, or OIGs, conduct oversight, perform audits and enforce laws. They can also engage in militant style action if provoked or resisted.

The Social Security Administration has several hundreds of investigators who carry firearms. The EPA launched criminal investigations for potential violations of the Clean Water Act in which agents responded carrying weapons and donning bulletproof vests,

Now here is the stipulations. An agency NOT involved in law enforcement cannot conduct arrests or access search warrants without done in conjunction with another federal, state or other law enforcement agency.

But this does leave open the suspicion of why they need such access. Citizens are targeted for land grabs, cited for non-compliance, and pressured to keep quiet, or else the IRS, USDA, SSD, EPA, and even the USPO may be used to leverage their power against you if you cause issue.

The FBI have targeted several citizens and killing some who speak out. We wonder if they were tipped off by other agencies, or perhaps an agency not expected first confronted the victim only after joined by enforcement agencies.


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