JFK Assassination

Remembering the JFK Assassination | podcast

November 26, 2022 Jim Duke Perspective 0

A relook at the suspicious JFK assassination with Lee Harvey Oswald that included the actions of Jack Ruby. He will remind of the questionable events and how it led to the derogatory term “conspiracy theory” to discredit those who question the official Warren Commission report. Listen to “Remembering the JFK [READ MORE]

Building on fire

Conspiracy Theories That Are More Than Theory

June 4, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We examine the nature of conspiracy and specific conspiracy theories that are more than just theory. Some of the documents have been published, and evidences proving that something more than a mere coincidence of incidents have given fodder for tin-foil hat wearers to gain suspicion. The very discredit of conspiracies [READ MORE]

JFK Portrait

JFK Files Disclosed

November 5, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The White House under President Trump released 2,900 or so classified files on 10/26/2017 related to former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on Nov 22, 1963. Will we see the rest of the papers? In this episode we analyze a few to confirm some of the conspiracy theories that have [READ MORE]