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What Is Spirituality? | podcast

March 26, 2022 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Spirituality is defined differently to different groups. Some claim a self-determined identity of spirituality having a sense of acknowledging God without admitting they actually have a relationship with a personal God. Others claim their spirituality is an inward awareness to divinity within and that they become one with the Universal [READ MORE]

God creates the heaven and earth

Where is the Kingdom of God?

July 7, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

So many say they experience heaven. Some say they will go to heaven when they die. Yet they still have question. Then they answer that they HOPE they will. What path to divinity is qualified? Are they all acceptable? We will sort this out according to scripture. Some claim a [READ MORE]

Should Christians Practice Yoga?

April 3, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Is Yoga about exercise or is it spirituality? If “Yoga” means to be “yoked,” who are you yoking with? The scripture says to not be unequally yoked. We explain why Christians should not practice true Yoga. Source: Should Christians Practice Yoga? | Jim Duke Perspective