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People are aware of the prestigious claim to be of a Jesuit school or having Jesuit training. While many colleges boast of such high claim, few know the dark doctrines of Jesuits and what they intend.

The Jesuit Oath of Induction is a recorded document still filed in the Library of Congress (yet as of late is difficult to trace) that states their projected aim is to abolish Christianity (true Christianity) and to sacrifice (kill) a heretic Protestant.

The Jesuit Oath of Induction had been recorded in the Congressional Record of the U.S. (House Bill 1523). yet since the Jesuits control the stream of education and history, they have managed to suppress their past from public scrutiny and to revise their tainted history with a version of innocence and prestige. And also its spinsters have managed to debunk the claims and offer explanation that attempts to discredit the discreditors.

According to past historical accounts, the Jesuits were masters of espionage, infiltration, and assassination. They would guise as a Catholic to the Catholics, but even offer themselves as Protestant to the Protestants in order to gain and subvert their enemy. Very deceptive and working secretly as the guise of their target. Their motto “The End Justifies the Means” allows them the shredding of guilt for what they must do for the intent of the whole agenda and cause.

Their tactic was to subvert the Catholic Church as a means to plant their agents within nations through the Vatican sponsored institution. And to be a servant of all in order to gain access to information. The whole concept of the Catholic “confession” was used to gain inside info by its Priests capturing minute detail about a person as he cleansed his soul of guilt. Then they were kept in files that could be used for blackmail. Ingenious!

The Jesuits were started under Ignatius of Loyola in 1534. He was  influenced by the Spanish Illuminati (Los Alumbrados) who started the Secret Society to stand in the absence of the Knights Templar over the Catholic Church. While it was not defined under which name they would be considered, or for what purpose stated, it was suggested they call themselves the “Society Of Jesus” in order to gain access into Vatican ranks.

In 1540 Pope Paul III recognized them to be his Catholic “missionaries” (militant strongarm) in order to reign in those heretic Protestants and bring all back under the submission of the State of religious Roman Catholicism. In the wake of Protestant Reformation, it became necessary for the Society of jesus, also known as the Jesuits, to lead the Counter-Reformation against the movement. They were successful infiltrating Protestantism and subduing it through their education influence.

When the nations were reporting loss of control over their State, it was found that the Jesuits had ulterior motives to infiltrate the world for a globalist One World Empire with their Order in control. The Freemasons realized the Jesuits came out from under their control to become its own powerful Order working independent. Under pressure to stop their plans, Pope Clement issued a decree to abolish the Jesuits. However, he realized he signed his death warrant upon doing so, and soon after was poisoned to death. A noted Jesuit MO of assassination.

The Jesuits disappeared by 1773. In its place came an Order founded by an ex-Jesuit trained by birth, Adam Weishaupt, who was a Professor of Law at Ingstadt University. With the help of funding from the Rothschilds, Weishaupt founded the “Ancient Illuminates Seers of Bavaria” on May 1, 1776. This became the new modern branch of the infamous Illuminati.

Weishaupt took several tactics right out of the Jesuit playbook, to subdue and subvert sectors of society, nations, and control governmental systems for a Centralized government. His disciples, known as Perfectibalists, were put into position to carry out the task of forming an Elite government. Their Order planned wars, and every war since the French Revolution [*]. Some believe Weishaupt carried on the Jesuits in their hiatus, however, in documents it is apparent he did so without Jesuit blessing, and was dubbed an enemy of the other Order rather than its successor.

The Jesuits re-emerged in 1814 under Pope Pius. And became the authority of Vatican. As Vatican influence diminished, it seemed to simply have changed hands once and for all. In the 1960’s Vatican II was written, which defined the new direction. And in that the age-long feud between Jesuits and Freemasons ended.

Many are aware of the visible Pope. But few are aware of a hidden Pope behind the scenes, known as the “Black Pope.” Simultaneously a White Pope (the visible one) is in power along with a Black Pope (hidden). The Black Pope serves as the Superior General of the Order. The current Pope, Francis, is the first time a Jesuit was elected as White Pope. This makes a White Pope and Black Pope both Jesuits in office at the same time. And indication that the fulfillment of their goal is being reached.

The Jesuits took over the education centers and Seminaries. Even Charles H. Spurgeon warned that clergy were trained under the doctrines of Jesuits and indoctrinated to preach a gospel with PORTIONS LEFT OUT. A watered-down ecumenical gospel as the result. Many have been unwittingly subject to their doctrines through the modern churches and the means of “contemplative prayer”, as well as other indoctrinations.

Their goal is still Globalism (see Georgetown University document “Jesuits for Globalization”). But intended to use Vatican as the Global Headquarters of the world with Jesuits in complete power. Their goal is to bring all religions under Vatican ecumenicalism. And water-down the faiths to co-exist for the New Order Religion.

The Jesuits were also instrumental in the development of Communism and Socialism. They influenced Karl Marx and others to bring the ideology to the public. They also crafted Liberalism and the movement of tolerance, as well as Social Justice.

Several Jesuits have come into politics and religion. Billy Graham was trained under Jesuit Fulton Sheen ( I found this unusual fact in my search after suspicions of Graham’s Vatican connection). This is the same Sheen that Jesuit-trained Martin Sheen (Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez) adopted as his surname in honor of Fulton.

Here are some influential people who are Jesuit trained.

Joseph Dunford – U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

John Kerry – U.S. Secretary

John Boehner – U.S. Speaker of the House

Tim Kaine – U.S. Virginia Senator

John Podesta – U.S. Counselor to President Barack Obama

Wilbur Ross – U.S. Secretary of Commerce

John Kelly – U.S Secretary of Homeland Security

Jerry Brown – U.S. Governor of California

But consider this. Donald Trump claims to be Presbyterian, and has been recently sworn in as Christian, yet he attended Jesuit Fordham University for two years and then transferred to the covertly Jesuit-controlled University of Pennsylvania. Whether indoctrinated in that time, he certainly has a connection to consider.

Ivanka Trump – daughter of and U.S. Assistant to President Donald Trump, also trained at Jesuit University of Pennsylvania

Eric Trump – Son of and Trustee of The Trump Organization, attended Jesuit Georgetown University.

So who is fooling who? Are we under a Globalist World agenda? Are Jesuits placing their agents in high influential positions ready for a world takeover? Will they continue to rival other Secret Societies, such as the Freemasons?

[*] Proofs of a Conspiracy – John Robison, 1798.
History of Jacobinism – Abbe Barruel, 1798

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