Zionists Are Not All Jews

Israel symbol

The Zionist Movement is misunderstood by Truthers as a Jewish organization. But it is not just Jewish and goes beyond Jewish bloodline. It may be based upon Judaism, however to be more specific Kabbalah occultism, but can be considered secular and has no real loyalty to the Jews.

The symbol of the hexagram (falsely thought to be the Star of David) is a Kabbalan symbol for hexing, considered one of the highest Satanic symbols for casting spells and conjuring demons. Used as a symbol of Zionism and for the Zionist State of Israel.

The Jews involved in Zionism are not necessarily authentic Jews, but Khazar and Ashkenazi, so it is a “synagogue of Satan,” as the scriptures calls them. The Zionist State of Israel is a development of Zionists such as Rothschilds, Balfour, and Scofield and to prove it is Kabbalan uses the hexagram as its symbol.

Activists, such as Polish Benzion Mileikowsky, led the campaign for the political Zionist State of Israel. Mileikowsky was the father of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They adopted the Jewish Zionist cause and fought for Secular Zionist activism. Benjamin used his father’s pen name as a surname to give himself a Jewish sounding ethnicity. However Zionists may not necessarily even be Jewish themselves. So to think Zionism is Jewish is a redirection.

But the facade that Jews are Zionists also stirs up antisemitism as a cover, which is a front purpose serving to put focus and blame on the Jews as a scapegoat so the Elite can hide behind the cover in the shadows. There has been documents that put Jews in as a means to distract and promote misinformation. Also allowing the Anti defamation League (1913) to enforce legal action against antisemitism to further the facade, and to smoke out prejudices as a way to collect lists for dissension.

This is why I do not target a specific ethnic group. That would give a false blame on the wrong cause that overlooks the actual perpetrators who want Elite government for a NWO. As the same reason I don’t just blame Vatican and the Catholics either.

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