Atheism Is as Irrational As they Claim is a God

Atheists will quickly charge that the belief is some Supreme Deity known as God is irrational and unreasonable. So what is the alternative?

Even atheists search for answers for the origin and purpose of life. While atheism offers that the universe is perpetual and random, as it is chaotic and accidental, they maintain that purpose develops from it by chaos directed to order. And that is rational?

Since man is a mistake of the cosmic universe, and accidental, we have no real purpose. Humanitarianism becomes the creed. But who dictates the enforcement of rules? Of course it is the most powerful, who are the survivors. The rest are worthless eaters only to serve the Elite.

Only the fool says “there is no God.”

[Psa 14:1, 53:1] The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, [there is] none that doeth good.

While atheists scoff at the concept of God, they will often still run frantic campaigns to go out of their way to continue to prove against God’s existence. They run tests to discover excuses of alternatives Why waste the trouble?

I remember when I wrote an article claiming that I do not believe in Atheists. I stated that despite the claim they do not believe in God, they try to defend their position as if god exists and they are trying to prove otherwise. As if they have doubt in their own belief. So deep down they in fact likely DO believe the possibility, just that they don’t know at the time. And that they hope it is not the fact. This is at best “agnostic.”

At the very most all they actually do is decide on alternate possibilities. But are those possibilities any more rational than they claim for a Creator? One of those irrational views is that life came from a dot and that dot produced need to evolve. Then eventually to amoebas, fish, mammals, and man. What a stretch. And with absolutely NO real proof, only assumption. Which is why it is STILL only theory. So why is it irrational for us “theists” to suggest the “theory” of a God who created?

And then some into “panspermia” in which life on other planets have created sperm traveling through space to earth to produce life. All right, now the theory just leaped into a place that the origin cannot be tested. And now we have sci-fi involved in the story. Is that easy to believe yet a Creator God is difficult?

Only that the god thing has been promoted through religion. And of course religion is fiction, but science is fact and evidential. Except when there is no evidence and facts and they make up the connections by fabricating presumptuous claims. Then fiction is excused as reality.

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