Crypto Jew Narrative in Regard to Secret Societies

Some have brought the concept that it is the Jews behind all the conspiracy. They say the Jews started the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, AND the Jesuits (Catholic Order behind Vatican). I think that gives too much credit to a false narrative. Perhaps a few writings or letters found by some enthusiastic researchers indicate such authentic origins. However, I have suspicion about some of those researchers (Edward Hendrie being one).

The alternative is that Knights Templar of French Dignitary Dynasties were false Jews (claimed the right to the line through a fabricated story of the Merovingian Benjamite claim of being descendants from the illicit line of the affair between Jesus and Mary Magdalene). Also we have some migrating to Khazar regions to group the Ashkanazi Jews, those who SAY THEY ARE JEWS BUT ARE NOT, which would be the Synagogue of Satan. These lines are FABRICATIONS and not legit.

The Knights Templar fled to Scotland and Spain after their “demise” (hiding). In Scotland the Sinclairs hid under Robert de Bruce who organized the Freemasons. In Spain they organized the Los Alumbrados, the Spanish Illuminati.

The mystic Rosicrucians, along with Rome’s Borgia of Spain (House of Borja), sponsored a group to replace the Templar presence in Rome. Roman lines intermarried Jewish lines to claim they have lineage rights to Jerusalem to be dubbed “King of Jerusalem.” This gave a Jewish flavor to blur the lines. Ten members of the Black Nobility families urged a Catholic scholar Ignatius of Loyola of the Spanish Basque line who was getting visions of Mary, to form a Society. Despite his cult leaned towards worship of Mary, they called it the “Society of Jesus.” Ignatius dedicated his life to Catholicism of Vatican and the Pope. Hidden within is Knights Templar attitude and they became known as the Jesuits.

The Jesuits had a motto “the end justifies the means,” meaning any means necessary to carry out their infiltration to devour politics, culture, nations, and religion they did. They masked as their enemy they would infiltrate from inside. They posed as lowly servants to gain access to information. Their Intel network was complex and thorough. They mastered in spying, espionage, and assassination. They led the Counter-Refornation against Protestants. Posing as Protestants they countered the Protestants, as JEWS to infiltrate Judaism, or whatever was needed. Some Jesuits even became Rabbis for clout. Eventually they were found meddling in International affairs and a petition went out to ban them in 1773.

In the meantime the Freemasons that went from Operative to Speculative formed the Grand Lodge in 1717. By 1777 the Illuminati, formed by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, infiltrated Freemasonry with his Order.

Brought with these practices were all occult mysticism and mystery religions, which is why it would be natural for Kabbalah to have it’s place in these Societies. That didn’t mean it was a Jewish group, but mystics like Eliphas Levi, who was Gentile, learned Judaism so he could better understand Kabbalah. This pattern carried on to claim rights like to Jerusalem.

It may be my estimation that this idea of “the Jews did it” was a cover purposely devised to wain blame from these other groups and put it on another. Then to use that suspicion to later protect them under antisemitism and discrimination charges to merge them back in (Jews were originally not accepted into Orders per se and had to be reaffirmed). The Jesuits likely used their tactics to claim Jewish influence, perhaps even fabricating letters to prove this, as the Freemasons also claim Jewish allegory to gain hold of the religion of Judaism. Though neither are solely Jewish, it may explain influence rather than proof why some claim that it was the Jews all along (supporting the Crypto Jew argument). So you will see claims to this because of the scenario presented.

Either way, it is a New World Order. The Freemasons have provided a bed for the recruiting network, Jesuits have been providing the globalist agenda through the Church, Vatican continues the front of religion, and the Jewish influence holds the allegory for its Kabbalah influence, and together the Adept use it to bring about the Order.

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