Deception of Politics

During the Ronald Reagan campaign, the candidate attacked the members of the Trilateral Commission (Illuminati group headed by Rockefeller and included Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Jimmy Carter) speaking against globalism, and pledged to not give Bush and the CFR influence a place in the Reagan government.

However, despite campaign platforms, as circumstances direct, he chose Bush as his running mate, elected in his cabinet twenty-eight members from the CFR, ten from the Bilderberg Group, and ten from the Trilateral Commission, also naming Rockefeller-connected James Baker as as his chief of staff. So much for staying out of the swamp. He never again spoke publicly against globalism.

We think politics is our election choice, and that the candidate chooses their administration, but in reality despite whom we choose, they have the same pool of candidates to choose from for their cabinet who are globalists.

Reagan was inducted as an honorary 33rd degree Mason and given the role as the resurrected Osiris as all President candidates are dubbed. So much for unbias. Politics is a deception. The same players hold the key. Whether Trump or Biden, we get the same under different banners. That’s just what it is.

Notes taken from Jim Marrs’ “The Rise of the Fourth Reich.”

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