PCR Tests invalid for Detection of Virus Infection

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Don’t live in fear! The PCR tests used to determine diagnosis of COVID were not developed for such thing, warned its inventor Kary Mullis, who died the year before this pandemic. He spoke then how Fauci and the frauds insisted using his tests to diagnose SARS and HIV, which it was only meant as a measure, not for determining illness. He explained they exaggerate the cycles to present something that isn’t visible unless exaggerated, which abuses his tests for their own purpose.

Folks, the diagnosis tests produce FALSE POSITIVE and are NOT reliable for determining infection. Yet these quacks exaggerate the reading and condemn you as having something you don’t.

The people believing their lies are susceptible to propaganda and blinded by media frenzy accepting the agenda narrative. People WILL get sick. People DO get flu’s. They are using this hype to tell you the danger of a strain not necessarily any more harmful than any other, yet your whole life has been turned upside down. They are testing us falsely to prove diagnosis, but are really only proving we will submit easily to herd mentality for their next phase.

Here is a video of Mullis explaining how they misuse PCR tests.

The tests are required to run through too many cycles to visibly detect the material. Run over 35 cycles, which these are, have an over-exaggerated result and creates a false positive. Mullis said that just because genetic material of antibodies are present doesn’t mean the person is infected with illness, nor have any danger.

If you don’t believe me, believe the guy himself Kary Mullis who INVENTED the test and won a Nobel Peace prize for it.

Mullis also exposed how Fauci and the officials claiming to be experts are really frauds.

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