Warning, You Are Being Monitored

August 28, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In my early years, we all were concerned with “Big Brother” and the capability of government to monitor us and eavesdrop on our every day conversations. It was a sort of joke to consider that someone was on the other end of phone conversations and listening to our intimate discussions. [READ MORE]

Orlando Shooter: Deeper Hidden Ties To The FBI? |

June 18, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

“…Michael German, a former F.B.I. agent who researches national security law at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, told the Times, ‘They’re [the FBI] manufacturing terrorism cases.’”… FULL STORY: Orlando Shooter: Deeper Hidden Ties To The FBI? |

Victims of Mind Control

Shocking Inside of MK Ultra Mind Control

August 8, 2015 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The government operation known as MK Ultra Mind Control program is still going on today through other names. What impact does it have and how has it affected society as a whole? Jim and his co-host Bob Nietupski will examine its roots, spiritual connection, and influence on society. Many are [READ MORE]