Shocking Inside of MK Ultra Mind Control

Victims of Mind Control

The government operation known as MK Ultra Mind Control program is still going on today through other names. What impact does it have and how has it affected society as a whole? Jim and his co-host Bob Nietupski will examine its roots, spiritual connection, and influence on society.

Many are becoming more aware of the government’s MK Ultra Mind Control programming experiments starting in the 1950’s. And the proof of its truth has been disclosed to the public in 1975. But they are wondering if it still exists and what impact it has had on society over the years.

So many have been victims of the MK Ultra Mind Control program we wonder if it has presented a problem in today’s society, or if it has had an impact. We are going to look into the roots and the mechanics of the program and its influence on society.

The history of the official program between 1950’s and 1870’s.

The information made public and disclosed in 1975 with 16,000 pages of documentation.

The roots going back to ancient worship and ritual abuse.

Human cases used for experimental, some military, but extending to institutions and Universities, hospitals, prisons, making its way to beaches, bars, restaurants, colleges, and the streets.

Usage of hypnotism, drugs, sensory deprivation, torture, sexual abuse, and psychological programming.

Break down of cognitive response to situations, Conditioning to accept.

Programming as early as 18 months old for those who are born in mind controlled families, who would put their children under such behavioral experiments. The minds that are twisted who participate.

Fear-based control through Trauma-based mind control. Stamps put on the personality to break down the psyche and build up an alter personality that tries to disassociate. That personality becomes inward and repressed, perhaps forming an escape to another reality.

The scriptures tell us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, rules of darkness in wicked places. Jesus Christ is a remedy.

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