The Reign of Lucifer

Author: Diablorex at en.wikipedia / Rex Diablo

Scripture tells us of a guardian Chief cherub of God (Ezek 28). In his pride, he became Adversary of God (Satan) who rebelled against him to challenge his authority and fell from his position in heaven.

In Genesis 3 his influence through the Serpent tempted mankind through Eve in the Garden of Eden. From that point man had fallen, along with the rebellion of the fallen angels, the Chief being Lucifer (Heylel). He led a hierarchy of angels like Azazel and others (1Enoch) who inspired the principalities and powers of the darkness of this world (Eph 6) to engage in the affairs and direction of mankind and attempt to overthrow the Kingdom of God.

As Lucifer (Heylel) he vowed to rise above the stars of God (angelic beings) to ascend to the heights of heaven and sit on the throne of the Most High to be worshipped as God (Isaiah 14). And to lead the nations to follow him. He has enticed men of valor to take on his lead and rule with him. These are Luciferian Elitists.

Satan became the god of this world (2Cor 4:4) who blinds man from the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He roams it seeking whom he may devour, and encourages men to follow him instead of Adonai, the Lord God Almighty.

Described as a Serpent, Dragon, Destroyer (Abaddon), Slanderer (devil), his nature of shining one (Lucifer) has diminished to a light that is darkness and is false. Many have taken his lies and rebelled likewise against God to dwell in the kingdom of Satan.

The belief of New Age has a Luciferic mindset. Writers of esoteric philosophy, from Helena Blavatsky (in the late 1800s) to Alice Bailey of Lucis Trust (in 1921), teach these ideas to society through policies, education, entertainment, government agencies like the United Nations, and even religious organizations and movements (Catholicism, Charismania, and ecumenical Evangelical Christianity). Lucis Trust, once called “Lucifer Publishing,” vows to set the world on course to the Luciferic Initiation and publicly reveal the Externalization of the Hierarchy under Lucifer. They intend to summon and enthrone Lucifer to the throne of the world. This is in their own writings, mainly the basic 24 esoteric works under Lucis Trust (that is encouraged to U.N. members).

This kingdom is inferior to God’s, but still stands for now through the government and nations of man. The Chief angel Michael and his angels will fight against the Dragon (Rev 12) to subdue him. Eventually God will put an end to his attempted reign and throw the Dragon, the Beast and false prophet into the Lake of Fire where they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. Unfortunately the same fate will be shared with those who chose to follow them without repentance at the close of the millennium, who were not found written in the book of life (Rev 20).

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