The Virus Narrative is Fabricated

The whole narrative of virology spewed on the public has been fabricated and falsely recorded and submitted. The medical journals have articles and entries mostly only allowed by politically motivated participants funded by their very one Foundations and agencies like the NIH that confirm the approved narrative. If people really research the nature of viruses, what causes them, how to naturally defend against them, and learned immune building, we would have far less reports of incidents. If this COVID concern has been the result of a bio-weapon agent to infect people, the government should be investigated, convicted, and reformed. That will never happen. People do NOT realize who writes the narrative, who benefits, who orchestrates the crisis, who controls the remedy (big pharma), what the agenda intends, and the Oligarchy at the top who are Luciferians.

The original narrative for COVID-19 blamed a food market in Wuhan China, then on a lab there. Then it shifted to a lab. Also we got information that someone traveling with vials broke open. The narrative has gone through several revisions, which only clouds the facts and dilutes the root. The original name went from nCOVID-19 indicating a new strain to generic listing as Coronavirus that broadened the intensity of the spread. It was notices that Lysol bottles and boxes of masks manufactured years ago previously had already listed Coronavirus, the can claiming it can prevent the spread, and masks warning it could not prevent the spread.

Apparently the hysteria needed a bigger threat of fear and the change of term from specific COVID-19 label to a general Coronavirus label easily made a better case for their propaganda. Many think COVID-19 could be tested by PCR swabs not intended for infectious determination. Coronavirus made a wider pool of infections by testing genetic material present without having to strictly determine the strain. Padding the result made a much more valid case to the unlearned who lack ability or desire to question the narrative, but simply will believe their media handlers. But the stats of common flu and pneumonia relatively went down in comparison to the larger pool detected and recorded as COVID-19.

Just the recording practice alone should throw red flags. The CDC allowing physicians to test and retest until they get the positive result expected, or even making untested determinations as positive should have been rejected, but instead recorded and added to the numbers. Also included were fabricated entries, contaminated swabs, double reporting, and simple just stating such. Of course when the numbers are skewed, fabricated, and imagined with no question would they add to the cases. And then those cases reported would stand as credible when they were not proven.

What is the incentive to properly record such cases when physicians and facilities receive $13,000 for every positive case and $40,000 for those who die on ventilators? I know best honest practice is considered in integrity of health, right? No, it has been determined that honest practice is not taken, sloppy recording, misappropriated diagnoses, and wrongful assumption have been practiced to pad the stats. The incentive is merely a hidden payoff to contribute to the facade.

Am I saying no one is getting sick and this is all just a hoax? Some claim that vague statement. I however am only stating that while many are getting sick, it is possible many unrelated variables have been added to the cases to make them relate to COVID when they were not, to pad the numbers from other deaths and include them in the stats to make it seem more widespread and more of a threat than it might be. I am also questioning that with knowing the true nature of viruses, this labeled “virus” does not fit the nature of a virus of what we know, so either is a mutation deliberately manufactured as a superbug, or is something else like a chemically aided agent or a bacteria, not a virus. A bioweapon or whatever, but not a natural virus.

This statement is overall general, I realize that. As a blog I wasn’t intending on elaborating or to provide factual proof sources, it is just a statement of opinion based on what I researched and found.

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