Who Are the Illuminati?

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Many have heard of this mysterious group called the Illuminati, a Secret Society blamed for many of the world’s woes that control world affairs through governments, law, politics, and business and operate through entertainment, media, and education. Some have accused this group for a worldwide conspiracy against all nations, people, and religions. But do they really exist?

The Illuminati are certainly a Secret Society who have had influence over all the affairs of men. But some either deny their existence, or they attribute them to a Hollywood club claimed by entertainers and music performers claiming membership, flashing their “gang” signs in public indicating their affiliation. Neither of these claims are true.

What we know from their public persona is a facade of this group, and is not the true reflection of the Secret Society. Most of what has been publicized in social media and by conspiracy theorists have elements of truth, while the real truth lies deep in concealment. Public personalities may in fact be a result of the Illuminati used as their “mind controlled slaves” as created by the industry who is controlled, but they themselves are not actually Illuminati. The layers go much more in depth than what is promoted on the surface or on a website as authentic “members” of this prestigious group.


The original Illuminati goes back to ancient times. They are actually bloodlines of Illuminates that trace their lineage through antiquity back to the Ancient Mystery Religions and even to Nimrod of Babel. They were those mystics skilled in the occult arts of the 7 sacred sciences, and of the forbidden practices of hermetics, alchemy, science, philosophy, language, mysticism, astrology, divination, and witchcraft. Their power is in the secrecy of their arts, so they were protective of their craft, only teaching their knowledge through Mystery Schools upon invited initiation through their front fraternities of their select bloodlines. Their secret knowledge of the workings of systems kept them separate from the masses, in which secrets were carefully concealed and protected from exposing to the public.

The name we identify as the Illuminati was given as defining the Elite who were enlightened with illuminated knowledge. They were the magi, the Essenes, the Gnostics. They are called Illuminati meaning they are “Holders of the Light,” and they are followers of the source of that Light of the Illuminated One. This Illuminated One is the “Light Bearer,” who’s name is Lucifer in Latin, also known as the “Morning Star” as represented by the light of the Sun, Saturn, as well as Venus, and even the moon. According to the Illuminates, it is he who is the good god and the giver of knowledge of good and evil. And he who gave men the offer of life, freedom, and knowledge to be like God. They regard Adonai (Yahweh God) and Jesus Christ as the imposters who have kept the truth from them to forbid them of becoming gods. And they loathe Adonai who has prevented them from accomplishing their goal, which they believe is to benefit society in a Utopian world. However, their interpretation of Utopia is for the Adept and not the masses.

The Illuminates practiced mysticism, Satanism, and the occult arts. They were employed by kings and dignitaries to advise with occult wisdom, guidance, consultation, and to lead them to victory and sustained ruling. Their advantage in the occult knowledge and arts gave them leverage to develop education, law, science, and religion, which provided their wealth and power. And they used their ability of witchcraft and occult arts for manipulation and protection as masters of mind control, that enabled them access to control nations and systems.

The Gnostic Illuminate Seers came from specific chosen bloodlines and kept their influence within controlled genealogies with recorded ancestral records of their bloodlines. And preserved most of the power within their Elite top bloodlines, while appeasing others under them with well secured positions of wealth and power who comply with their agenda.

The Illuminates developed Secret Societies as fronts to create a layer of secrecy to hide behind, that also were used for control and recruiting, as well as recovering their bloodlines. Candidates that were proven were drafted from various sectors of society in business, law, science, education, media, and religion to raise up members to assist them in their ambition of world domination. And these members were rewarded with wealth, prestige, and high position. Prestigious Elite, made up of politicians, officials, dignitaries, Wealthy bankers and financiers, and even business CEOs all make up the councils in which communicate to bring about their New World Order.

Separate Secret Societies keep each group secluded and unaware of the key of the other, securing the whole of the plan to only the knowledge of the top Oligarchy bloodlines controlling the whole agenda. While separate, each Secret Society has a purpose. Some Secret Societies serve as militant agents. Others as business networks. Some as religious priests. And then others in finances. Overall they were kept in check by a few top Illuminati bloodlines who are the Oligarchy. And one sect alone has not the whole of the intentions or plans.

Some Secret Societies formed by Illuminates include the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, Rosicrucian, and the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). As well as sects and more secluded Secret Societies.

The Bavarian Illuminates

When we hear the name “Illuminati” we generalize it to refer to the inner society of the Secret Societies, sort of referring to the masterminds. While that may be true, the Illuminati is not truly the whole, but only the Adepts of bloodlines and top members of Secret Societies.  The reference used is more referring to the  Ancient Illuminate Seers of Bavaria, that were known as the Bavarian Illuminati under an ex-Jesuit professor at Ingolstadt University named Adam Weishaupt.

Weishuapt brought together high intellects of sectors of society calling them the Perfectibilists. They later became known simply as Order of the Illuminati, which is the group we consider today as the Illuminati.

The Rothschilds sponsored Weishaupt to create a plan for a New Order of the Ages. Rothschilds found favor with Weishaupt with his interest in the occult, Illumination, and Luciferianism. Their plans would confiscate all sectors of society to subdue them to converge towards a Centralized Government for an agenda of a New World Order.

The finalizing of the New World Order and founding of the Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt was dated May 1, 1776. The plan of the Illuminati was to infiltrate societies and nations and influence their Civil laws and governments from within, converging them to a Centralized Government. They would use wars and revolutions to sway dignitaries and nations towards their goal.

Some believe they are actually just an extension of the Jesuits since they came on after the Jesuits vanished, as Weishaupt adopted many of the Jesuit practices and tactics to control nations, as well as the Jesuit motto, “The end justifies the means.” In 1777 Weishaupt entered the Freemasonry and subdued them from within to infect their lower Order with his higher Order. Other members were recruited through the Illuminated Freemasonry from within the Lodges, adopting Luciferian tactics to devise a way to influence their New World Order, which was called the New Order of the Ages. This plan also interested the Freemasons with their Rosicrucian draft for a New Atlantis. Weishaupt claimed his Order was much older and had ancient roots. His claim may have been true.

Alternative history tells that the Illuminati came to a halt when in 1784 a courier named Johann Jakob Lanz was on his way to deliver a document to other Illuminists, such as Robespierre, and he was struck by lightning. The Bavarian Police confiscated the spilled document revealing the devious plan of the Illuminati to start a French Revolution, along with a list of members sown to the inside of his jacket. And the authorities closed down the offices and arrested as many members as they could. By 1785 the Illuminati Lodges were closed down and the Order banned, putting it seemingly out of commission, but only sending them deeper in hiding. Instead, they continued hiding under the guise of the Freemasons, as well as under the cloak of other Secret Societies. It was too late to shut the Order down as they had already penetrated Free Masonry and was so well hidden within the Society that by 1782 it was said that the two beliefs were already indistinguishable. Some consider them a Secret Society within a Secret Society.

Their doctrines were found to reach America and influence the American government from within the Freemason Lodges. George Washington acknowledged his warning of the Order in a letter to Mt Vernon dated October 24, 1798. It was after receiving word through a work of John Robison called Proofs of a Conspiracy, that exposed the Illuminati and their continued influence to create wars and revolutions to control governments. Even though attempts were made to warn the officials of France, they did not take the threat seriously and the French Revolution still happened as planned. That proved they still existed after their assumed demise and that warning of them was legit. And today they continue as a force to devise wars, crises, and oppressive conditions to cause people to comply with their long standing plan for a consolidated centralized One World Government. Although as Weishaupt instructed, never to let their true name appear, but to appear as other names and concealed by other Societies.

Hierarchy of the Illuminati

The Illuminati we know today in public is a facade of the true Elite Secret Society that operates behind the scenes and through other means. The top bloodline Elitists are separated by several layers of bureaucratic official positions and give many roles to the agents they have bribed or funded to comply. They vowed to never be known under their true name, but under the disguise of various Secret Societies. The Elite Oligarchy at the top of the pyramid are well covered by layers of agencies and officers.

The Illuminati are broken down in groups of councils:

Top Secret Council (likely spiritual demonic entities)
Council of 9 (identity unsure)
Council of 13 – main bloodlines families
Council of 33 – next important bloodline families, likely bankers
Committee of 300 – Top media CEOs and industry heads
3500 members – including top members of media, entertainment, politics, science and law under the Club of Rome, Black Nobility, CFR, Trilateral, and Bilderberg.

They operate through several political organizational fronts and governments, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the United Nations (U.N.) as a hierarchy system where the top Elitists, the Oligarchy, have the whole vision of the plan and develop the plan, making the decisions for world control through policies. They also have think tanks for groups to survey society as a whole and to consider their next phase. These groups are the Bilderbergs, The Club of Rome, and the newly found LeCercle. Collectively they operate as a vast master network under the top Illuminati bloodline. And the sectors of society are controlled by their influence of promises, bribes, and threats.

Goal of a New World Order

The goal of the Illuminati is total world control. They have been devising consolidation of Centralized government for One World Government since the beginning of time, that includes a One World Religion as continuing the plan of Nimrod completing the Tower of Babel through the Babylonian System. The model is still used for their plan for Utopian World Government. And the allegorical enthroning of Lucifer is a personification of the power of their plan. While some Illuminates simply consider this an allegory, higher Adept level initiates of ancient bloodlines take seriously the goal to bring their leader, who is Lucifer, to the throne. Some groups intend to usher in Lucifer to rule the earth, ruling with him, to live in immortal Utopia after having overcome God in heaven and avoid the judgment planned for them.

Illuminates do not have moral conscious as mere citizens. They believe in their motto “the end justifies the means,” which means to accomplish their agenda by any means possible, and any means for their goal is admirable.

Their tactic include running both oppositions of ideologies, whether political or religious. And to legislate Socialism and Communism to control the masses to rely on them for dependency. And they sway nations through wars and revolutions, using domestic or even world crisis as an influence.

The Illuminati have had fractions within, as other Societies have rivaled their power for their own agenda. The effort has been consolidating them towards the same goal. All the while gaining public compliance. Even though they consider the public “human cattle” and casualties. Their gaining public compliance and participation is an element of their magick ritual and witchcraft. And their fruition will happen according to their planned timeline.

Of course, this plan will not come to full fruition as if they have power over God. While they believe themselves to be gods, and certainly appease the power of their god Lucifer, their plans are limited to the boundaries set by Almighty God and will unfold as intended according to biblical prophecy. They will be allowed a certain accomplishment of their fulfillment, but it will be cut short as Jesus Christ will return to put an end to the kingdom built by man and their father the devil before it finalizes. But they continue because they are driven by Satan himself, and he thinks he can accomplish his plans and overthrow God Almighty. In the end God will have His purpose fulfilled.

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