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Chemtrail saturation

The suspicion of “Chemtrails” has been a phenomenon for several decades now as our skies become unusually saturated with emissions of trailing contrails from planes that do not seem to dissipate as normal exhaust. These trails are forming strange cloud patterns and show signs of ripples of sound waves and other evidences. What we have found is that they contain several toxic chemicals and are the cause of respitory problems in some, as well as viruses and disease. The government is no longer denying them, just making false excuses for their purpose. My friend Darrin joins us to discuss what purpose they might have and how to break through them with a “Chemtrail Buster.”

In the episode we look at the evidences of new cloud formations. We explain how contrails dissipate, but chemtrails do not. How these trails spread and blanket the sky. And the residue it leaves on the ground.

We play an audio clip of an agriculture administrator speaking before the United Nations on her concerns over Chemtrails.

A pilot has come forth to whistleblow on Operation Indigo.

Tests have proven toxic chemicals contained in these Chemtrails, that are stored in canisters and spread through aerial crafts.

And we discuss the possibilities of why agencies are doing it. Jim explains his conspiracy theories about Chemtrails, nanoparticles, electric atmosphere (plasma), and how it interacts with DNA.

Darrin explains how simple it is to make a practical Chemtrails buster.

Here are some pictures of Chemtrails I captured here in Albany NY.

Here are some with ripple effects probably from electromagnetic frequencies.

And here are some more that saturated my sky here.

Suggestions mentioned on the show:

Youtube title: How To Make an Orgonite Orgone Cloud Buster pt 1

Here is a website for the listeners to order the crystals: (or Google it)

Here is the way to intensify it’s effectiveness by adding black iron oxide and quartz sand to the mix
YouTube title: How to Make Orgone Orgonite Chi Prana Ki Love Heal Starseed

This coil is to be wrapped around the entire buster spun from the ground up clockwise
Youtube title:  Orgonite Copper Coils, The Right Way

Darrin mentioned a couple websites to stay away from and one to consider.

He mentioned to be cautious of

I have not looked into this to research it or test it, so it is up to you to take the suggestion.

Health Suggestions

On the show we mentioned installing a HEPA filter or a High Quality Air Purifier. You can also spend time in nature, since trees and flowers act as natural air purifiers.

Cleansing the body from toxins by natural detoxifying foods. Some of these aids are Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice, and ginger. You can detoxify with green tea, coffee enemas, and cilantro even. Turmeric is great for detoxifying the body.

Sweating and fasting.

Drinking more water, preferred purified.

Clay or charcoal for detoxing (you will have to look that up). This is not acceptable to burn your food on the grill.

Increasing Vitamin C intake.

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