Subliminal Psyops

Subliminal Psyops | podcast

December 9, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss how we are affected by subliminal stimuli and how it is used not only in psychological programming but in every day advertising and such. What triggers our subconscious? How does it affect our decisions? We also address what happens when our mind processes something a [READ MORE]

CIA Hollywood

CIA Assets In Hollywood | podcast

April 8, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The CIA has been in bed with Hollywood since its inception. Many popular shows have CIA agents as advisors, even cooperating with their propaganda. We discuss this alliance and some of the stars who may secretly be working for the CIA. Listen to “CIA Assets In Hollywood” on Spreaker. Is [READ MORE]


Unraveling Mind Control

March 15, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Mind control experiments have been conducted in Nazi Germany as well as in the United States. Many are victims of this unethical practice which takes human subjects and torments their mind to test their ability to sustain through trauma. Listen to “Unraveling Mind Control” on Spreaker. We take a look [READ MORE]

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Alice in Wonderland Psyop Tactic

December 6, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The public are not aware of psyop operations, therefore are taken by them. One particular one called “Alice in Wonderland” is a CIA torture tactic confusion technique on the public to control the narrative through mainstream sources to replace normal with nonsensical illogical conclusions by subjecting them as straightforward, but [READ MORE]

man reading burning newspaper

Psychological Warfare in 2020 | podcast

July 4, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we examine the aspects of psychological warfare, the use of non-conventional weapons of emotional, cognitive, and psychological weapons used to persuade society towards and agenda or mindset. Listen to “Psychological Warfare in 2020” on Spreaker. We will cite some examples and project some scenarios showing where this [READ MORE]

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Neurological Warfare | podcast

July 7, 2019 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we expose psychological warfare. The military learned early on that the consequence of war leads to mental illness in soldiers. Instead of remedy, they proceeded with military experiments to learn the behavior of people and how to benefit from the information. The result has been an onslaught [READ MORE]

Psyop wounds

Psyop of Triggers Used On All

December 25, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

If the Elite are in control of streaming info, and have developed mind control to instill triggers and put us into categories, could it be we are ALL under psyops? I mean EVEN THE TRUTHER COMMUNITY? While we are intending to bring truth and fact, that truth and fact has [READ MORE]

Victims of mind control in front of TV

Greatest Mind Control Device in History

July 9, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Technology is advancing and it is more than just entertainment. We tend to think it was developed for our leisure. But it has a purpose. And you might not like it. Why was television developed? What is the greatest mind control device developed? We will discuss this on this episode. [READ MORE]

media brainwash

Lilly Wave Mind Control Technology

July 30, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Several government patents have proven the ability (and desire) to control the brain through electronic mind control techniques. While old fashioned techniques, such as electrodes, are no longer necessary and the target can be targeted via electronic frequencies that manipulate the brain’s water molecules essentially changing the way a person [READ MORE]

Jim Duke Perspective

CERN, D-Wave, and Witchcraft Mind Control

April 30, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

CERN is about to restart in sync with the May 1 Satanic ritual known as Beltane. Whether or not it is related, there are several related points that connect CERN with the occult and witchcraft, as well as the D-Wave computer capable of devious tasks. Opening portals, breaking dimensions, altering [READ MORE]

Jim Duke Perspective

A Computer that Can Reprogram Your Brain

November 22, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Can a computer reprogram your brain? We are under psyops. We will discuss predictive programming and artificial intelligence, and what scientists are working on that may be able to predict your steps before YOU know them. Electronic stimulants that may alter your thinking. DARPA and its research role. And how [READ MORE]

Jim Duke Perspective

Satanic Mind Control

August 4, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Satanism has been striving for acceptance more and more in society through political means. But it has been after years of conditioning under mind control. In some Elite societies Satanic ritual are used for trauma-based mind control and abuse. In the public Satanism is present, but more subtle. Hollywood and [READ MORE]

Jim Duke Perspective

Is Your Mind Being Manipulated?

August 2, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Many forces work against us these days. Our minds are under assault in more ways than most realize. Indoctrination comes in all forms. But also chemical toxins affect the way we think, as well as electronic frequencies and impulses by waves going to our brain. But many do not know [READ MORE]

Jim Duke Perspective

Media Propaganda for a Luciferian Agenda

May 31, 2016 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The media is called programming for a reason. The role of media and entertainment is to feed the public propaganda by controlling the industry. We discuss who owns the media, how they control the information, and their Luciferian agenda of globalization for a New World Order. The Illuminati, the Jesuits [READ MORE]