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CIA Hollywood

The CIA has been in bed with Hollywood since its inception. Many popular shows have CIA agents as advisors, even cooperating with their propaganda. We discuss this alliance and some of the stars who may secretly be working for the CIA.

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Is your favorite star a CIA asset? Perhaps even an actual agent. The CIA has been known to use performers as mules carrying information across borders. Movie stars as well as musicians cross internationally to deliver messages, or rub shoulders with dignitaries to obtain information that is retracted from CIA agents.

Many shows today have to do with the CIA, FBI, spying, espionage, etc that make us ask how close to the truth do they get. What we find is that the CIA put producers and performers on their asset list and feed information through them. The CIA plant their liasons into Hollywood to correctly feed them approved info.

Since the CIA gained a bad reputation, they inserted themselves for the purpose of covering it up and appearing open they are not hiding anything. They go on a campaign to offer Hollywood info in exchange of having them put the agency in a good light for the viewers to gain back proper respect. But we know better.

We can neither confirm nor deny this information.

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