COVID-19 Fake Pandemic

The #COVID-19 fraud has led to much disinformation and wrongful conclusions as the medical professionals were coaxed into labeling as many cases as possible as COVID related despite conditions. Many cases were written as COVID-19. Cases do NOT indicate actual proof, only as listed. And this determined by observational conclusions, flase positive testing, and testing of antibodies that indicate SOME presence of genetic material, yet that cannot determine what is common flu, virus illness generally, or just plain present in the system.

And fact is, many would test positive under these conditions, especially if you have been vaccinated in the past 10 years. Those vulnerable with weak immune systems and those of poor diet will likely get sick DESPITE what the suspected strain is or what illness it is that triggered such sickness. That is not a threat of one particular COVID-19 threat, but generally of virus, bacterial illness, or other sickness as any other year.

Taking these precautions as just to be safe is merely a hysteria projected by the psyoptic measures of the Elite government experimenters to restrict your freedoms and use the opportunity to control and profit. Simple as that. Do not believe the lies or remain in fear. IT IS A FAKE PANDEMIC FEAR SPREAD TO CONTROL YOUR BEHAVIOR AND PUT YOU UNDER THEIR SPELL.

Have a sound mind, fear only the Lord, and not give in to their psyop antics. Break free by carrying on as normal as you remember. and Insist others do the same as I have been on the floor convincing as many as I meet about this fake hysteria.

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