George Floyd Case for Civil Unrest, BLM, Chaos | podcast

In this episode we break down the events of the George Floyd murder and the corrupt action of the police, was it enough to justify pillaging? Was it planned? Civil unrest leads to police action, not justice, Racism is addressed for all sides.

An event triggered a response that sparked many activist events, ignited the BLM movement, and gave excuse for excessive violence to incite rioters. Some have joined in the fight just for the sake of the fight. Others to backlash another group besides their own. And then some to remind society the woes against their race and use it for bitterness against the other.

Certain details do not add up. The victim George Floyd and his abuser Derek Chauvin apparently worked at the same club in security for several years and may have been in contact. While Chauvin worked outside and Floyd inside of El Nuevo Rodeo, the club’s former owner Maya Santamaria said the two likely knew each other.

Floyd had starred in a few porn films previously.

The video showed that while Floyd was in custody seemingly detained, he dropped to the ground refusing to get into the police vehicle. Yet other views of the same time showed no sign of the altercations outside the cruiser. AS if they pulled Floyd out of the vehicle to further harass him.

Due to the open event, some claim the whole situation was deliberately staged for impact. Almost as if Chauvin posed for onlookers to report. And certain normal procedures were not taken, like checking the pulse of the victim and trying to resuscitate. Only leads to further questions.

Riots provoked seem independent of the original event. Some joining in the unruly behavior are not linked to the situation, only making a scene. Some believe George Soros and his Open Society have a hand in providing instigators to the events and other groups provoking it elsewhere for bigger impact.

False flags are often used to get public sympathy, citizen compliance, and to bring chaos and fear that people get confused at what the truth is, so they simply surrender to it rather than question. Chaos and fear allow control.

Forgot to mention that the health officials determined that while gathering for social events was risky for the spread of COVID-19, gathering at activist protests was not a risk for COVID-19. In other words they exempted those gathering to rally from risk of COVID-19. Nice how they can manipulate illness to avoid certain conditions.

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