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Cancel culture

We are under culture persecution with so many offenses being called. Social media is reacting with policing content and screening what it decides is inappropriate to its platform. Does this reflect the majority of society or for an agenda? We will look at the Cancel Culture movement in society to censor the voices it determines not of “Community Standard.”

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Susan Wojcicki was a former Google administrator of marketing management who later proposed the acquisition of YouTube later becoming its CEO. She has executed a tight policy standard that results in censoring videos the platform doesn’t agree with, using the excuse it violates “community guidelines” constituting what it seems biased against as “offensive.” The enforcement policies have been criticized as unfair censorship, but of course the company doesn’t agree.  Since it their platform, they claim the right to see fit.

YouTube has declared it would crack down on what it considers “election misinformation” which is what gave it the excuse to get more vigilant. It also hides behind the excuse of protection from “medical misinformation” of misleading videos that it will reject ANY content that doesn’t comply with the official narrative of Fauci, the CDC, and W.H.O.

However, my issue is that say a video was produced in the middle of 2020 about the current statement of the WHO that masks were not preventatives, or spreading of asymptomatic cases were not proven, and a video was produced at the time when agreed with those entities, yet later the entities retract or change their position, and the video no longer reflects the NEW standard? YouTube will go into the archives and delete or flag that content with strikes against the producer for making a video that NOW contradicts the new official narrative. Very crafty, and unfair.

Twitter and other social media has been cited doing the same, rejecting tweets that contradict the official narrative, but they are a bit more reserved about it.

They hide behind this Section 230 that protects them from accountability of free speech of others for content that is questionable, while it gives them total right to control the content and limit the free speech of producers. The legislation gives the platform undue rights as a public forum operating as a private entity. Trump campaigned to appeal it in December 2020 as a victim of Twitter bans and social media restrictions himself.

Cancel Culture is a term used to decide what constitutes offensiveness to other races, parties, or peoples and canceling their influence on social media, TV, and products sold on the shelves like toys that are now “harmful to culture.” Like that renegade Mr. Potato Head, or that rebel Cat in the Hat. We know how dangerous they are to society. More so than terrorists.

Society has gone off its rocker.

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