Dark Side of the Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt


Illuminati have its roots in the most ancient religions. Their practices go back to Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian religions. They adopted the elitism of the ancient Gnostics, but also the religious practices of occultism and sorcery.The Illuminati formed interdependently of these secret societies, but always related. They use Secret Societies to recruit for higher Orders. But those in the Illuminati degrees generally have bloodline connections. Some members of the Secret Societies were also of the Illuminati, but not all.

Order of the Illuminati

One gentleman of high honor was Adam Weishaupt, a renown law professor at Ingolstadt University who defected from Christianity after being a member of the Jesuits. He was Jesuit-trained from youth, but found interest in the occult and Luciferian beliefs and came upon a teacher of Egyptian occultism, named Kolmer, who sought out European converts. He found Adam Weishaupt and indoctrinated him with his philosophies and Illumination.

In his worship of Lucifer, Weishaupt adopted the ancient practices of occultism through witchcraft and Sun-worship, which involved incest, promiscuity, rape, homosexuality, murder, self-mutiliation, magic, sorcery, and human sacrifice.

Adam Weishaupt had very diabolical ambitions and was considered a monster by some. He endorsed Luciferian doctrine and drafted his own system based on the idea of Illumination. His conceit led him to believe that he was of a higher Elite class and that only men of super ability had the right to rule over the ignorant masses. In his superiority to others, he thought himself to be the recipient and guru of illumination knowledge. In 1770 he was approached by the Rothschilds, founders of the International banking institution, who had been involved in occult Elitism, and they invited Weishaupt to redraft and modernize the “Protocols for Zionism.”

On May 1, 1776 Weishaupt established his own organization called “the Ancient Illuminates Seers of Bavaria,” known as the “Order of the Illuminati.” In this secret fraternity group, he recruited men to disciple under his philosophy of enlightenment. These fortunate men were the Illuminated Ones, alone qualified to rule the world governments and society with Weishaupt’s instructions. For the most part, Weishaupt stayed in the background and set forth his plan through a few, who discipled others in powerful positions of arts, education, finance, law, even religion and political positions by promising influence, power, and worldly success to participate in this plan.

On May 1, 1776 he also unleashed the agenda known as “New Order of the Ages, which is the New World Order. This is an Order in which the top select Elite would rule the world under their One World government.

Weishaupt joined the Freemasons in 1777 and used the Freemason secret society as a means to recruit for his Order. Through his associations of priests, preachers, professors, and dignitaries, he worked to weave Illuminati philosophy into the beliefs of Freemasonry. Some warned against this infiltration, but it was too late. By 1781 the two beliefs were believed to be so intertwined that is was indistinguishable where one ended and the other began.

In a letter to a reverend on October 24, 1798, George Washington stated his concern over the fact that the Illuminati had infiltrated their American Lodges and introduced the “Democratic Society,” which operated under the Jacobin Club. See the letter.

The objectives that the Illuminati were to accomplish were outlined as the following:

  1. Abolish monarchies and all ordered governments
  2. Abolish private property and inheritance
  3. Abolish patriotism and nationalism (for the cause of One World Government)
  4. Abolish family life and the institution of marriage
  5. The establishment of communal education for children
  6. Abolish religion (Christianity)

The goal of the Illuminati has always been to abolish Christianity and to overturn all civil government.

Disciples of Adam Weishaupt.

Drafted Communist Manifesto, modernized Weishaupt’s plans. His tenets for Communism mimicked Weishaupt’s plan in modern terms and description, but for the same Luciferian means.

Summed up as three tenets:

  1. Eliminate rights to private property.
  2. Dissolve the family unit
  3. Destroy religion, the opiate of the people.

Albert Pike

A High ranking agent, Albert Pike furthered the Freemason doctrines with Illuminati ones and wrote Morals and Dogma. Though it has been claimed to be a plagiarism of another work. Pike developed a way to get nations to unite under one agency by developing a Plan for 3 World Wars to destroy the three European Empires. Although that letter to Mazzini was claimed to have been a hoax by Leo Taxil. However, despite that claim, it has still been a live agenda. So I submit that claim of being a hoax is a distraction.

Helena Blavatsky

The witchcraft of the Illuminati has never ceased, just transferred in expression. It has become political, but it has become New Age (New Order of the Ages). Helena Blavatsky founded a philosophy called the Theosophical Society. She set forth the moderized Priesthood of occultists and fused together Ancient Mysticism, Egyptian Mysticism, Rosicrucian Mysticism, Kabbalah, Satanism, Luciferianism, and even Christianity.

Alice Bailey

Influenced by Blavatsky, Bailey formed the Lucis Trust Publishing Company for her writings. The name was changed in 1925 from its real name, Lucifer Publishing, to avoid obvious controversy. They were the authority of 24 foundational esoteric writings of the occult in the New Age and Luciferian doctrine. They formed the Arcane School and Findhorn Foundation to educate in New Age philosophy. Their writings influenced United Nations policies and were masked by political terms. 

Aleister Crowley

First a member of the Golden Dawn, this outspoken member left the organization and formed his own society and redefined the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis). Crowley developed sex magick, sorcery, and occultism. As a Satanist, he performed perverted rituals. He may have had an influence on modern Illuminati. Certainly his sexual magick has been an influence on our culture and may have been instrumental in Trauma-based mind control slavery. His motto, “Do as thou wilt”, is the Law of Thelema, a philosophy he created.

Modern Agencies

The Illuminati has never dissolved, only transformed. While obscure and hidden in the shadows, they have been active in political agencies such as the League of Nations, the United Nations, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and in many political movements, They have influenced television, Hollywood, the media, the arts, academia, and law. And even religion and Christian organizations. And now their agents work behind the scenes to legislate towards their true goal of One World Government in which their god Lucifer rules.


The reason the Illuminati is disputed is not that they do not exist. Just that their true identity has been hidden behind layers of disinformation, organizations and Secret Societies, and fiction. They prefer it that way. The publicized Illuminati is not the true ones. That serves as a fictitious distraction to satisfy the masses and hide behind. The true Illuminated Ones may not be known by that name, but have precise record of their bloodlines and keep track of their progress for One World Government for Lucifer. While controlling unwitting agents, as well a willing participants, to assist in this agenda.

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