Plan for Depopulation

Plan for Depopulation

The Elitists hint to a plan to limit the population down to manageable numbers. A disturbing statement by Bill Gates brings new attention to their progress and reason for vaccines and other agents through various means passed onto citizens to control population. Is there a secret agenda to depopulate society to get it to manageable numbers? That is what we examine.

Several Elitists have made statements about the need to reduce the population in order to sustain life:

Jacques Cousteau

Ted Turner

Bill Gates

At the TED Conference, Bill Gates made some startling statements. His statements sound beneficial, but then alludes to an intent more darker. Certain variables contribute to the sustainability that need to be maintained. Population, services, energy, and CO2 levels all coincide to make the equation, And Bill states that ONE of these levels need to drop near 0 in relationship, Which one is he referring?

United Nations Agenda

A balance between population and resources is what the UN manages. Through the Agenda 21 program, they maintain Sustainable Development and determine the environmental factors. That includes population control, resources, conditions, and sustainable stats, They determine the measurement of those stats.

The UN is the management agency for the New World Order as George HW Bush proclaimed on September 11, 1990 in a public address. The UN is the agency for the harmonious balance of humans and nature according to their website.

The British East India House controlled the export and import of resources from India to the rest of the world. Through its corporate government business it manages those resources to other countries.

The United Nations is a political front for a religious ideology. They identify with Earth worship, acknowledgement of Mother Earth, or Gaia.

The Georgia Guidestones

These mysterious plaques stand as a monument for the New World Order and recite the ideas similar with the UN. No one knows the ownership, but it can be sure to be Freemason associated, with Illuminati doctrine,

Methods Used for Population Control

Toxins through vaccines as leaked by the Pentagon video that states an agenda that includes a vaccine called FUNVAX that treats religious fundamentalism. Several experiments went towards sedating citizens that they are dumbed down to be controlled through mind control.

Vaccines spreading viruses to specific regions that should be controlled. Metals like aluminum are found in them.

Chemtrails spread toxins through the air overhead that gets into the environment and our food supply.

GMOs alter the DNA and building up of the body.

Diseases are increasing as Measles are making a comeback and new ones like Ebola are emerging.

Planned Parenthood eliminates the possibility of children through “reproductive health.”

The DoD, CDC, and other agencies hold the patent on several diseases along with a join patent with Monsanto Pharmaceutical.


The agenda is one that eliminates competition for the Elite. They are believed to be the ruling class and the rest considered human cattle, as Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt stated.

The bloodline Elite are the masters and the rest allowed to be a serving class. A Luciferian plan to ensure the governing of Lucifer with cooperation of the Elitists. Men who worship themselves as God like Genesis 3 gave account. But it is not what it appears. It is a deception of Lucifer to maim, kill, and destroy those who do not worship him as God.

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