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In this episode we discuss some possible loopholes that you can use if you are taken advantage of in court by the authorities. This is not tested by me, and I am not a legal expert. Try at your own risk.

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The law is good when protecting. But what about when it is abused? We are to obey man’s laws when not a violation of God, however, what about when they operate outside their own rules causing oppression of courts?

Believers suggested to avoid human courts, but when we get dragged into them should we use legal tools of wisdom given us to defend ourselves?

Public servants of municipalities abuse their jurisdiction to place you under their custody of authority. They use their leverage of knowledge and intimidation to make you compliant and defenseless and issue a Prosecutor over the case to interpret between you and the Judge.

Law is a tight closed community of legalists having a litigation language that is understood in the communication of legal courts. The average layman lacks understanding only relying on trained attorneys who can translate, and Judges who interpret. In the case, a Prosecutor is often relied upon to interpret to the layman what the Judge indicates.

However, a problem occurs as the Prosecutor lacks personal knowledge of the case, which having no personal knowledge is in violation of Federal 602 that states a witness must have personal knowledge of a matter to testify to it.

A crime is causing harm or damage (such as theft, vandalism, or assault) vs a Code of Infraction violation (such as running a traffic light, or not having a car inspection).

A case brought into a criminal court for a civil matter violates Corpus Delecti

  1. the substantial and fundamental fact necessary to prove the commission of a crime
  2. the material substance (such as the body of the victim of a murder) upon which a crime has been committed

which means the body of a crime requires an injured victim or damaged property, which makes a civil offense invalid in criminal court.

Ask, “What evidence do you have of subject matter jurisdiction of this matter, AND what personal knowledge of me do you have?” By stating the necessity of both which are necessary, just because they have jurisdiction as a court matter doesn’t mean they have jurisdiction to hear your personal matter.

It builds a case to ask more questions to set them up to committing a judicial crime to base your defense case. (Btw no lawyer will defend you in this manner.) Must get your paperwork in order.

If the court moves forward with a case that’s not a crime, you can file an affidavit and make a claim against the officers personally (like in amount of $100,000). Can issue a Malfraud Complaint or Judicial Complaint that will put an alert on his insurance for a complaint filed against him. The lawsuit resulting will concern the insurance policy and put an alert on their record. They are supposed to notify agency.

If you know don’t know the name of the Prosecutor, you can still file an affidavit. If you do know the party’s name, you can file against them personally. You can file a “Bar Grievance” against them for any accused violation you find they may have violated (Look at “Rules of Professional Conduct” in your State website to find them). They may deem them frivolous and throw them out, but if they do, they are already flagged by their liability insurance company, which is leverage for you. FILE EACH GRIEVANCE SEPARATELY spread out 31 days apart, otherwise grouped they will be treated as one case and not enough to keep the pressure of consecutive cases.

State courts are courts of record and cases filed must be entered. You are standing behind your claim.

Motive is not so much winning a case as much as leverage setting his insurance agency against him.

One strategy is taking it from the local municipal courts acting out in violation against their jurisdiction to take it to Federal District Courts. Can file a Criminal Case with local FBI.

You can threaten the court with Federal filing. If you can take it out of the local abusive municipality and drag them into Federal District Court with proper paperwork, you can threaten them putting on public record sharing your paperwork info to hold them accountable of violation.


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