Economy, DNA, and Mark of the Beast with Leonard Ulrich | podcast

Leonard Ulrich

Leonard Ulrich joins us to explain the economy, the connection with DNA, and the Mark of the Beast. In this episode he describes what is going on in the economy, the economic system and new crypto-currencies, how they are applied, the illusion of money, and also explains Blockchain.

In this episode, Leonard explains the complex relationship between the blockchain, AI, and control, as well as D-Wave and its capabilities. Also how it connects, even if indirectly, to the Mark of the Beast, how the government predicts the future, and the plans of the New World Order.

Leonard has a unique way of explaining complex subjects and breaking them down in simplistic manner that anyone could understand. He has studied and researched many topics, especially the economy, the New World Order, and biblical prophecy.

Leonard has produced our conversation into a video with visuals and added information.

Part !

Part 2

Leonard’s website is

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