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Facebook goes down

Facebook went offline for several hours recently and some were in disarray. I didn’t even know (or care). But we will discuss some theories. Is Communism coming? All signs show that as Communism was planned for the world, it is already being implemented on us. We just may not recognize it.

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A said whistleblower from Facebook exposes financial griefs on 60 Minutes. We know if it hit mainstream media (controlled by the same) that it is controlled. We just question if the claim is authentic.

Facebook tests a propaganda scheme live on its platform. We know this was the case as years ago experiments were conducted by the social media giant testing psychological reaction. We suspect the FBI were behind this as well.

Fact checking rely on shill third party sites like Snopes who were paid to test for reliability of sources. Facebook now teams up with George Soros-Funded ‘Fact-Checker’ to Filter News Feed. A Soros-funded group has become “Facebook’s official fact-checking partners. This is the propaganda used to screen the truth. https://neonnettle.com/news/5930-snopes-paid-to-push-propaganda-by-facebook-former-editor-reveals-

Many times now AI technology is used to target, flag, and determine its interpretation of Fake News to screen the truth from public view.


All indication from the economic disturbances to social policy tells that Communism is the goal. When we look at the “Great Reset” and other goals of the banking Elite, we see a pattern all making sense towards a progress to deliberately sabatage the economy, suspend job incentive, and make society bow to the powers-that-be. We identify those powers as Luciferian Elite who want a Utopian world government in which they control the “human cattle” and use the citizens as laborers for their perfect society. The psyops conditions society towards this final blow.


We report recorded events at the CDC site admitting Adverse Effects of the vaccine. However it is under title of “Adverse Events” which lists the possible reactions of the vaccine that they simply downplay. Deaths as  cause are squashed and blamed on other ailments, or COVID itself. We question how someone can have a COVID death if the vaccine is so effective intending to prevent that end, yet it does not prevent the result of death. Physicians are given leeway to list vaccinated deaths under VACCINATED.

A doctor at John Hopkins University admits natural immunity is up to 27 more times effective. At the same time Biden announces 98% need to be vaccinated for it to work. A bit of contradictions.



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