False Flag to War Flag, California Fires, Thanks to God

Southern California fires
Author: Rennett Stowe from USA

In this episode we examine the suspicions of the Thousand Oaks shooting and the possibility of a false flag. What are the chances of people being victim of two shootings. We bring up the suspicions of the California Fires and expose the Rothschild connection, the technology involved, and a purpose behind it to coral citizens into Smart Cities. Did Prophet Mark Taylor miss the prediction, or do average laymen not have the spiritual understanding like he does to understand? And also some other news items.

A False Flag is an event that has been used for propaganda. It can be a totally fabricated or controlled event that may or may not have actually occurred. A false flag could be:

  1. made up and not have even happened, no one dying
  2. have actually occurred, but was staged with the details planned and controlled
  3. a drill that turned into a live event to make a statement
  4. a played out event with real people along with controlled setting of the Operatives
  5. a real event that the narrative was hijacked to make a propaganda issue
  6. a triggered assassin that was “activated” to go into action, controlled by the Operatives, usually resulting in the shooter to trigger a suicide program when mission accomplished.

The Thousand Oaks shooting had many suspicions, as do most high profile public incidents. The reason we flag it as a false flag is that it has a narrative that was quickly publicized that seemed scripted. Witnesses gave specific detail that we wonder if civilians would be privy to. The ritual numbers add up that are common with these contrived cases. The Police badge of the county department has suspicious symbols on it that represent, according to the FBI description, boy love association.

The California Fires continue raging out of control. Some suspect that it is also planned, either by HAARP manipulation, or by DEW Directed Energy Weapons that produced the fires. Some report seeing beams of light (lasers) in areas that were hit. Even so, we wonder why cars are melted and flipped over from these fires when other things had not been touched. Trees are unharmed while the wreckage of private property is devastated. Houses are split surgically in half with one side charred and the other untouched. What would the reason be for this to be contrived? We expose connections with Rothschilds and the Gas and Electric grid that show evidence of EMF activity.

100 Resilient Cities are on record as complying with this governmental program of quick recovery to herd citizens to relocate into approved regions. We couldn’t remember what this was called at the time of the show, but now I remember it is under the “Strong Cities” program of the America 2050 Agenda. We had done previous report on this in the past.

Popular Mark Taylor, the “Fireman Prophet” has made several predictions that have NOT come to pass. While predicting a Trump victory, he failed to get the correct year. He also predicted a “red tsunami” of Republican wins to “drain the swamp” in the 2018 mid-term election. While that didn’t happen, he claims his prediction actually DID come true, just that we are not in the same spiritual sphere as him to see it. We are not spiritual enough to accept it.

Unrest In the Middle East. Bob brings us to date with some fighting going on.

And Thanks to God as we approach the Thanksgiving observation.


NOTE: I made corrections on a supplement podcast to correct some errors.

When mentioning numerology I failed to realize 2018 DOES reduce to an “11.” 2+1+8=11

Also the Hebrew for lightning is baraq, and the Hebrew bama is from the heights, which I mistakenly referred to also as lightning after Bob had just mentioned it.

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