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Federal Reserve
Author: Rhododendrites

The Federal Reserve regulates the currency distribution for the United States. Few people realize the Federal Reserve is no more federal than is the package company bearing the similar name. The Federal Reserve is a private member banking group who connived Congress in 1913 to become its treasury financiers and through it they control the economy of the nation. Now they want a digital currency to further enslave the people and subject them to whatever compliance will be necessary to buy or sell under the system.

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Forbes reported plans in action for a reset of currency for the digital age.


In our research over the years I remember the digital system first imposed in 1999 in Computer World Magazine for 2000 compliance requires and penalties for those banks not compliant by 2002.

The original fiat (fractional banking) can be attributed to the Knights Templar for its development. They charged fees for guarding the treasures of missionaries to and from certain lands to the Holy City guarding their vaults, and issuing notes or coins stamped by them for withdrawal at their other depositories.

The idea was used for the formation of a United States currency management under the Federal Reserve. The Reserve could declare what was held, issue notes and circulate currency. Incidentally, it was not comprised on government members, but of Elite International Banking interests, which gave a perception that it was federal. The name Federal Reserve was chosen as a cover.

The Federal Reserve Act passed in Congress in 1913 while many Congressmen went home for Christmas break. The remaining voted on it and sent it to the President Woodrow Wilson, who also remained on duty ready to sign the Act.

Col. House, assistant of Wilson and agent of the Round Table, assured the plan went through and that Wilson would be the glad signer of the bill.

The Federal Reserve remains exempt from audit. Their accountability only has influence on its Director, generally chosen by the President. The rest of the board remains as their own entity of member bankers.

Fractional Banking is a term for the bank’s ability to loan out a percentage of its holdings as if it was their own. They can loan out a portion of the loan already given that compounds to more revenue for the bank.

The agenda of the Federal Reserve is to hold the United States under its control by issuing the currency. The one who owns the wealth of a nation controls the nations.

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