Gnosticism and Quantum Spirituality analysis

Quantum spirituality

An author wrote a book on the connection between Gnosticism and quantum spirituality in saying that instead of being created by God, we were projections of a source through consciousness. We discuss this concept and clarify the Christian belief through analyzing an interview of the author.

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Many have jumped onboard with this fascinating description of the Gnostic origins by mere speculation of authors and a little scientific jargon added in for good sounding plausible explanations. We examine some of the theories that has no root in ability to prove, only taking a summation of scientific methods and stretching to conclude a narrative.

Also books found of Gnostic writings contribute to enhancing the narrative with more speculation, including layers of Gnostic interpretation using myths to convey their origin story outside of what the Bible actually states.

Their claim is that Jesus knew the Gnostic origin, however could only secretly convey that to a few disciples who also were Gnostics. They believe Jesus unveiled it in an esoteric revelation and that the exoteric gospel is for the masses and orthodox religions since those would not understand the actually truth of quantum spirituality like the Gnostics do.

What Gnostics believe is that God is not a personal being, but a source in that needs to understand itself. That creating consciousness it emulated these projections of itself in that these aeons could see itself in the contrast. It views our own consciousness as copies of the source in diluted form that needs to come back to spirituality in order to self-realization of its divine connection with the source. It views mankind as the same essence of the Divine, just projections of the source who are actually divine.

But when comparing their conclusions with the Bible it contradicts the context of what the Bible gets across. It contrasts what the Bible says about salvation, the gospel, and about who God it.

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