Goddess Worship and New Age at the U.N.

A statue of the Roman goddess Athena on display in Nashville, Tennessee. (Ron Cogswell/Flickr)

The United Nations will host a statue of the Greek goddess Athena for exhibit on display, We are seeing a rise in paganism and goddess worship, and even female principle of occult magick. We will share the inside of the New Age and its Luciferian connection, and how it has been the indoctrination of Lucis Trust within the United Nations, crafting it policies for the New World Order and New Spirituality for a New Age initiation.

Arab Emirates bring a statue of a pagan goddess Athena, also known as Ashera. The same group that brought the Palmyra Victory Arch (Temple of Baal).

Rabbi Dokow said that he recognizes a rising in paganism and goddess worship.

A dominant female principle is starting to arise. The same spirit in ancient practices that brought a dominant female goddess over the god counterpart.

In occultism fertility worship represents the female birth of the gods. The desire to be like gods was given to man in temptation by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

In modern times an occult sexual ritual called Babalon Working under Jack Parson and L. Ron Hubbard developed a ritual to summon the goddess Babalon. They were members of the O.T.O. under Aleister Crowley.

Lucifer can personify as the Baphomet, a male/female image of the male/female. principle.

The United Nations is a New Age agency taking many of the esoteric principles of Lucis Trust (Theosophy) and making them secular policies.

Lucis Trust (Lucifer Publishing) prints and disseminates New Age literature to members of the U.N. and has a meditation room within the U.N. building.

Robert Muller was influenced by Lucis Trust and formed U.N. policies from their teachings into political policies.

Maurice Strong, lead member proposing Agenda 21, was a member of the Golden Dawn and was a Luciferian New Ager. The policies of Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda are based upon environmentalism, which is masked Mother Gaia worship and paganism.

David Spangler pledged that no one enter the New Age unless he takes a “Luciferic Initiation.” Spangler headed up the U.N. department of Planetary Citizens, which called for a Planetary Initiation.

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