House of Rothschild International Banking Cabal | podcast

Rothschild coat of arms
Author: Mathieu CHAINE used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

The banking cartel may have started with the Knights Templar, but developed into the International Banking Cabal of wealthy Elite. How did the Rothschild gain so much power and wealth to gain status as the face of financing? We go through their history and how this family became the financial face of the world International banking cabal.

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The Knights Templar set up a system of enabling missionaries of the Roman Church to deposit their treasure so they can use its value in the next town without having to travel with it. Templar Depositories were set up in each place, eventually spreading across Europe. Realizing they could loan the amount deposited by the fees brought in, they became a wealthy band of financiers.

Their interest peaked the likes of other influential bankers eventually leading a family studied in this sector. The Rothschilds, formally the Bauers, arose as worthy exchange agents to becoming the most wealthy financing family in Europe. They formed an International Banking cabal by uniting the 12 most wealthy families and their connections. With it they could truly meet their motto, “I care not the laws of a nation, I will gain the wealth of the nation and make the laws.”

They use their monetary power as leverage to provoke wars and make nation leaders borrow so that they control their finances.

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