Italian President Arrested for Role in U.S. Voter Fraud

This is the story that circulated that I will make a point from because it is so ridiculous, it makes a great example how people have been led astray by false Intel agents like Q and Robert David Steele, who many regard as “must be authentic.”

The rumor started when a story by Robert David Steele, an ex-CIA agent, circulated his intel information to followers of Q (and Trump enthusiasts) that Italian President Sergio Mattarella was arrested by the U.S. Special Forces in Italy for his role in allowing their satellites in Italy to tamper with U.S. votes. This proving that the Trump agents are on it to take down the Deep State.

Normally a claim like this would be difficult to hide, but because the fake news media is in on it, it has been blacked out according to them. And yet the evidence claimed by Steele has been subject to Twitter, Reddit, and social media reports that MUST be true making it fact because of pictures released.

The picture shows Mike Pompeo with supposed Italian President under arrest proving the theory, right? The question is raised can a U.S. agent arrest a foreign entity in his country? They hadn’t thought it out. But yes, they have. According to them because he was involved in U.S. elections, it makes him subject to U.S. arrest. Seems plausible. IF YOU DON’T KNOW TRUTH.

Another view of the photo shows that it was NOT in fact President Mattarella who was detained, but former US ambassador to India Kenneth Juster. See how easy it is to twist the facts and fabricate a story based on SOME facts?

In a statement Pompeo clearly stated what was happening, just that the Steele / Q story tellers made up other wild claims to lead on their followers.
I say that either Steele and the others like Pieczenik are truly disinformation agents, or they are truly delusional under mind control for the spreading of disinformation by the CIA to make followers fully dysfunctional and discredited. Either way they are discredited, many of the claims in this fashion of baseless fabrications using photos and false twists for evidence. Don’t quit your day jobs guys.

And remember, just because you heard it on the Internet doesn’t make it true. -quote by Abraham Lincoln

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