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covid-19 red-pilled

In this episode author journalist James Perloff joins me to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and his research into it. James brings us through his analysis of the lockdown and its human impact, Methodology of panic, Theories about the nature of COVID-19, and the Deep State end game.

We have an emergency pandemic upon us declared by this mysterious COVID-19. However, several facts do not line up. James Perloff covers extensive research in this podcast and exposes the information by documented records, interviews, and by his background of the agenda.

We break down the episode by these themes:

  • Lockdown and the Human Impact
  • Methodology of Panic
  • Theories about the nature of COVID-19
  • Deep State End Game

We discuss the threat to civil liberties by quarantining the healthy and how the lockdown isn’t necessary

We look at the economic and health impact. Health is an issue, as well as our jobs. People corralled into their homes led to increase of suicide, depression, stress, and unassured future panic.

Putting it into perspective by sorting out the numbers of death rates in reality. This includes the faulty inaccurate sampling rate. Faulty tests were used to conduct the data.

The Fake news used to intensify panic. The media played a huge role in selling the pandemic.

Several theories on the origin of this virus circulated, from it a random strain to a bio-engineered weapon.

We will touch on the accusation of 5G as the culprit, which isn’t so much substantiated.

And the plan for Depopulation that a Global agenda requires to bring numbers to manageable measure. The Elite have a Global agenda planned that is Luciferian. Their diabolical interests in this have no care about casualties if it serves their purpose. The “end justifies the means.”

Instead of writing an article myself and repeating the information, I’d rather you just refer to James’ long-extensively researched work as he had covered what I would have liked.

The information from this episode is from James’ article “COVID-19 Red-Pilled”

James Perloff can be found at his website

My podcasts and articles on the same subject may be referred or other theories and analysis of this.


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