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Kanye West
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Celebrities have hinted to planned sacrifices for the cost of success. Somehow the ritual substantiates a performer to be initiated into levels of popularity. Kanye West now admits his mother was a sacrifice. He also says his handler has made threats to him that he would medicate the star and institutionalize him as a zombie.

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Kanye West has been under fire since his rubbing shoulders with Trump. Politically he has been considered a mess. Actually spiritually he has also embraced a weird version of Christianity that makes him out to be some kind of spiritual guru. Could this just be part of his programming?

The Elite know how to turn a person’s questionable actions and behavior into something suspect to discredit a person’s claims. Kanye now has publicly admitted that his mother was a sacrifice by the industry to initiate him into celebrity status. Some questions arise like why now admit it, and also what would he think he would accomplish by admitting it? He had been the one to take the carrot raised by the powers of the industry to go for a success status and let whatever be happen.

Now he thinks he is strong enough to beat the, He said they can’t control him. However, they have already. Maybe he is just breaking free a bit recently.

However, he also tweeted a conversation between he and his “trainer” who is also trainer of other stars. In the text he screenshot the trainer threatened to re-institutionalize Kayne to zombie-land. That alludes to a threat to drug him to incoherency.

Handlers often submit performers to “rehab” which is actually reprogramming, through trauma-based mind control and drugs they re-control the person. We talk about this on many of our podcasts, but having performers confirm what they themselves have experienced is precious.

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