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Many speculate what the Mark of the Beast could be. They warn not to take the latest suspicion and avoid it, even identifying it so you won’t be tricked. But is it something you must identify so you can avoid it, or is it the result of receiving something due to what you worship?

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Some have reported that the RFID would be the Mark of the Beast since it requires identification. However that technology has gone archaic as new digital identifiers have replaced it.

Others warned that the barcode is associated with the Mark of the Beast since UPC have binary “gates” of 666. But that would condemn us all by now who cannot get away with purchases without a barcode. So either they softened the accusations or that is not it.

When the COVID vaccine hit many suspected THAT would definitely be the one mark of the Beast since it was being imposed on society. Having terms given like “Luciferase” and hints of the patent WO2020-060606 (666) they are convinced that is it. They were (and some still are) sure it has all the markers since it prohibited certain admittance. However, the regulations have loosened up since.

We can speculate all we want and charge the next latest technology as that Mark, but will be doing so in vain. It will not come as a hidden allusion to something that we must figure out first lest we fall for it and be marked to perish. That is NOT what scripture tells. It is not something we have to ffirst figure out so we can avoid. That would be like saying anyone who DOES figure it out to avoid will NOT perish. That is not the salvation requirement. Though it is clear that those who have the mark will perish.

Scripture is clear in Revelation that the mark is received upon worshipping the image of the Beast (act of who is worshipped), and those deceived are the ones who have received the mark. It doesn’t warn not to take the mark, but is about whom you worship to receive the mark.

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