Media Is Owned by 6 Corporations

Someone asked me if FOX News was a true opposing network against the Liberal media. Since all the Liberal media is against them, and some try to shut it down, they assume that they are anti-Establishment. There are several layers of this.

FOX is owned by Rupert Murdock and 21st Century Fox, which is owned by News Corp. They may seem MORE Conservative in nature, but are just another controlled opposition for the Elite. While other networks seem to be rivaling, they are owned by the same Elite entities who own the Liberal channels. These “Alt Right” channels hold an appeasement for Conservatives to hopefully keep them satisfied thinking they are being informed with their ideology in mind. By giving them a network, The Elite know where they are, can monitor what info they get, keep them from further searching truth, and believing the Official narrative, while feeding them nonsensical trivial information on the surface, and redirecting them from the truth, and covering the real intentions behind the true agenda with a smoke screen.

The Elite are not necessarily Liberal as some would think. They are Elite. They have an agenda. So while they keep us divided by labels, they can slip in whatever medicine they want. They will allow a Democratic voice. They will allow a Conservative voice. It doesn’t matter as long as people are controlled and they know where they are at.

90% or more of mainstream media are owned by one of the 6 major Corporations, who are owned by the bankers as fronts for their control. Below is the 6 Corporations and an abbreviated list of their properties:

  • Communication One (Time Warner, CNN, Warner Brothers)
  • Disney (ABC, Disney, Miramax, Pixar, Lucas Films)
  • Viacom (MTV, BET, Nick, Paramount)
  • News Corp (Fox, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones)
  • CBS (CBS, 60 Minutes, CNET)
  • Comcast (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, AT&T, Universal Pictures)

AP and Reuters who control the news feeds are owned by Rothschilds. The CEOs the major News Companies are hand-picked by Elitists to comply with the narrative, yes even FOX. There was an agreement called Operation Mockingbird that the CEOs would comply with the CIA to control propaganda. They journalists, bred for activism journalism, simply must stay within their allowed boundaries. many times they do so anyhow because of their training. But anyone who strays, like ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon, is blacklisted. The journalists are invited to briefings as to what their narrative must contain, which is why the similar phrasing is universal between networks.

The Official Narrative can be scripted and facts skewed to make a point rather than be truthful. Especially when an agenda is at hand. And some of the agencies have been exposed as staging the incidents in a sort of re-enactment of the real event, that may or may not have been actual. Like when CNN staged the Middle East scenario with green screen backdrops.

It is nothing more than the same Nazi-style propaganda to control the thinking of the citizens. To get an objective non-controlled view, one must seek after an Alternative Media that can be trusted. Even so, they are not equipped with the same funding as the bigger corporations, and you must do your own inspection and verification of the facts presented.

(I will not suggest sources as some will have a problem with any that would be mentioned, and there are some I may use to direct me, but that I would not completely trust.)

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