Obama Calls For Gun Control In Wake Of Charleston Church Shooting –

As anyone with two brain cells moving in the same direction would have been able to predict, President Barack Obama and his mouthpiece media outlets have already begun calling for more gun control in the wake of the Charleston, SC … Continue reading →

Before we can bat an eye, the President is right there upon a major incident to push for the case of gun control. We have to wonder if these events are not strategically planned somehow to trigger at opportune times to condition the public into accepting another Constitutional right to be reversed. And especially right after a Bilderberg meeting.

While we cannot be sure yet, we know that these conditions are usually bred through psychological mind control of unstable individuals, either by drugs or by trauma-based mind control of upbringing, ready to release upon a trigger that is embedded into the psyche of the individual chosen.

While that may seem unlikely, consider the years of mind control experiments, both on military personal and on the public through the Montauk Experiments, MK Ultra, and Monarch Mind Control. Several members of society have been affected in some way, but even more so those chosen specifically for the purpose of carrying out assassinations and major missions to use as conditioning tools to traumatize citizens.

Evidence proves this is likely the case, as every major crises has similar variables, being unstable individuals, having been on or coming off drugs, and having questionable associations and backgrounds of psychiatric care. But the most obvious is the hasty usage of the event for a political agenda. As the Elitists tell, better not let a good crisis go to waste, as they provide opportunities not generally acceptable otherwise.

Source: Obama Calls For Gun Control In Wake Of Charleston Church Shooting –

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