Occult History of NASA | podcast

Astronaut in space

NASA claims its intent is to study the universe and give answer to the ultimate question, “Are we alone?” To find the answers to our origin of life and collecting proof that there is a vast universe going beyond what the scriptures can tell us. However, we find it has another purpose, one more suspicious and devious. To not only funnel funds as an excuse to continue experimentation and exploration, but to conduct Satanic Sex Rituals and provide propaganda to deceive the public. But what is it trying to hide?

We discuss the occult practices behind NASA and the men behind its science.

This episodes examines Jack Parsons and his occult life and how it influenced rocketry.

Parons and his connection with magician Aleister Crowley.

NASA’s suspicious Satanic influences and antichrist intentions.

The question of if we ever actually went to the moon. One video has appears with astronaut Buzz Aldrin being questioned by an 8 year old

          In the podcast I called her a 6 year old. As well as accidentally mispronounced “Aldrin” one time. But don’t be thrown by minute insignificant details.

We BRIEFLY mention the controversy of the shape of the earth. Some have brought this up. I only point it out to state that if NASA has lied to us about their exploration, they may have also lied about the shape of the earth. This is by no means meant for fodder to throw accusations of whether I am a hypocrite for not siding with Flat Earth, or a fool for falling for Flat Earth. That is not the point of this discussion or addressing the topic.

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