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Pentagon CIA Hollywood
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The Pentagon and CIA feed movie producers info for storylines that serve as propaganda. Australia is having difficulty with COVID rules and threat to the unvaxxed. News that Boosters may be causing harm. Biden’s vaccine mandate still pushing through OSHA. We end the episode with suggestions of alternative remedies for COVID and to reverse the harm of vaccines (if the methods are effective).

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The Pentagon and CIA have been suspected of feeding information to Hollywood movie (and TV) producers because of such accuracy in their predictions of inventions and the usage of Intel in the story lines. We know for fact that this is true, but we wonder why.

My suspicion is that they mimic the reality of government Intel and Defense in fiction in order to condition the people to accept it in their subconscious, thereby restricting the resistance when finding it to be true.

Once an idea is brought forth, even in fiction, the mind subconsciously accepts it and the shock is already experienced. Then they can bring it obvious to the forefront without causing too much attraction. It is propaganda technique.


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