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Freemasons in ritual

The Elite may seem unspiritual or irreligious, but do have a code of sorts, a Brotherhood, an occult doctrine they contribute. They don’t worship God of heaven however. They allude to an image of an allegory in which serves as a personification of a god they contrive as a source of supreme enlightenment.

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Freemasonry is a Society many Elite belong. It isn’t necessarily Freemasonry as a religion, but the religion within Freemasonry that many subscribe to is what makes it a religion.

Freemasonry holds a public persona, a facade for an outer shell that is attractive to all men upon invite of initiation that is a rather noble means of “making good men better, as well as practicing of charity.

It requires the belief in SOME God not necessarily prescribing to a common god, unless one is advancing in the ranks of the York Rite, which require dedication to the Christian God.

However, that is misunderstood as well because it is not necessarily a dedication to Christ as a born-again believer, but to the concept and allegory of Christ, which may take on Gnostic form rather than true spirituality under Jesus Christ by indwelling of the holy Spirit.

As one is sworn in as Master Mason he has full rights as a Mason. It is a Brotherhood of loyalty, a preference favor to fellow Masons, and a dedication to the cause through the prescribed Lodge.

Only advancements into higher degrees award them to further knowledge about the rituals, symbols, and practices. While most never get the true meaning, the Adept levels hold higher secrets than the lower initiates are privy to. There is an outer shell and an inner core of higher kept guarded secrets to the “Great Plan.” Those on the outside only contribute as laborers of the task, each contributing to his own sector. This makes it a secret society within a secret society as author William Stills put it in his book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies.

The claim is that it does not endorse any one particular religion. And that one can enter upon belief of ANY god. While that may be the initial claim, a god is recognized eventually in higher degrees. However, one must get past the initiate Blue Lodge level to even start to identify or understand its symbols, rituals, and practices.

Their writers claimed EVERY Masonic Lodge is a lodge of religion, and the Worshipful Master that presides is expected to be honored as a Priest of the Lodge, which incidentally the Lodge is called “A Temple.” One goes through a religious “baptism” into a specific character of Hiram Abif representing the core secret root of Freemasonry. It is often associated with Kabbalah – Jewish Mysticism, and the fraternity members are expected to be of a loyal Brotherhood.

While controversial there is indication the god of Light in which they seek is personified in the allegory of Lucifer, who is identified with their doctrine. Many Freemasons deny this, but esoterically it is true known to certain sects within deeper Masonry. And also written about in the doctrinal books for Masons, that few Masons actually ever read.

Prolific Masonic author Manly P Hall wrote: “He has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy.” – (33rd “The Lost Keys of Freemasonry” page 48). Albert Pike wrote about the defense for Lucifer being the dark image that Christians make him out to be. Some dispute this claim as being made by a hoaxster Leo Taxil. However, many of their allegories seem to lean this way.

Lucifer is further subdivided into Isis, the female principal, and Osiris, the male principal. To them a benevolent Lucifer still exists, and is at the core of all the secret societies. It paints Lucifer as being different from Satan — as some form of benevolent god who favors his followers.

Masons have their own Luciferian-based calendar. Our Western calendar count its years based on the number of years before and after Christ, The Masonic calendar counts its years with the suffix meaning Anno Lucis or “Year of Light,” the Masonic year of the Creation,”” This can also be interpreted to mean “Year of Lucifer.”

Hall says Freemasonry is a philosophy which is essentially creedless. Its brothers bow to truth regardless of the bearer; they serve light , instead of wrangling over the one who brings it….No truer religion exists than that of world comradeship and brotherhood. Freemasonry is not a material thing; it is a science of the soul; a divine symbolic language perpetuating certain concrete symbols the sacred mysteries of the ancients.

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