Weather Modification by the Elite | podcast

December 31, 2022 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Weather patterns have been changing. Where once was warm has turned to a winter tundra. What is affecting this? We have proof that man-made weather modification projects have been taking place for a while, and suspect that the Elite programs affect the atmosphere. Man tampering with nature is not a [READ MORE]

Organized spreading of Chemtrails

Weather Manipulation GeoEngineering | podcast

February 27, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss the reality of weather modification that Elite engineers can manipulate the weather and cause desirable conditions where they choose. Of course they would not do so on society, right? We look at the Geneva Convention rules of engagement that prohibits use of weather modification as [READ MORE]

Cyclone Caterina

Weather Manipulation and Man-Made Storms

September 2, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

A question arises of weather manipulation and man-made storms as evidence of patents and experiments have been revealed. The devastation in Texas is a tragedy and our hearts go out to those who have been traumatized. The weather can take horrific turns and cause havoc that we cannot control. This [READ MORE]