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Organized spreading of Chemtrails

In this episode we discuss the reality of weather modification that Elite engineers can manipulate the weather and cause desirable conditions where they choose. Of course they would not do so on society, right?

We look at the Geneva Convention rules of engagement that prohibits use of weather modification as a weapon, and a supposed ban on geoengineering that remains ignored by the power structure. Global Warming is the propaganda used to justify the usage of devices.

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Texas experiences some peculiar weather this season that made us suspicious of weather patterns. We may suspect that it COULD have been result of weather modification, but that is just speculation.

However, we have several documents and examples that the government is in fact using weather modification to manipulate the weather, even using it in warfare.

Climate Change is a term of propaganda to indicate an alert to weather changes. It was called Global Cooling up to the 1980s when they switched it to Global Warming after the threat of cooling turned around to the other extreme when environmental activists told us we had a decade warning before coming to another ice age. With so much contradiction between cooling and warming, the propagandists simply coined the phrase Climate Change to cover all bases. The propaganda is the same, the terms just change.

John Kerry still insists we are in a crisis and warned recently we have 9 years to recover. That leads us to 2030, coincidentally in sync with the 2030 Agenda.

Several projects at play.

Project ScoPEx

Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment,” a Geoengineering program in the public funded by Bill Gates using Harvard scientists being packaged as a Climate Change label of benefit to the environment. It is a fear-based program that convinced the public that we need this program to be saved from Global Warming.

The mechanism by which this is achieved ejects millions of tons of particulate matter (i.e. pollution) into the stratosphere, a measurable amount of sunlight is blocked and prevented from reaching the surface of the Earth.

Nano-particles are put into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight. This accounts for the chemtrails we see in the skies.


NASA program $52 million a DAY budget to experiment with this along with the Dept of Energy under TAP – Topographic Aerosol Program. Also SPICE, FAI, and other programs.

Sending metallic particles into the air, after making a case that calcium carbonate, sulfur, and diamond dust would not be efficient. So instead using Aluminum oxide, Barium, Strontium as a more efficient way to use as a “mirror” to deflect the sun back into space.

Methods of spreading through aerial such as attaching sprayers to airlines. But the effective means is using drones through NASA, DARPA, CIA, Dept of Energy in the U.S. And Canada as test sites. Emitting “contrails” called “precursor gasses.”

Aerosol contaminants are not denied. Rosalyn Peterson representing the agriculture department went before the UN about a decade ago to address the dangers of this technology and its affect on food production. They didn’t deny it, they justified it.

Weather Weaponry

Do we know if the government does or can manipulate weather?

LBJ said in 1962 He who controls the weather will control the world.

US Aerospace forces under the U.S. Air Force said in 1990s it intends to own the weather by 2025.

Weather warfare has been known since the 1920s. At the Geneva Convention 1978 rules of engagement were made banning weather modification as a weapon after the U.S. used it knowingly in Viet Nam under Operation Popeye.

Convention in Biological Diversity (BioDiversity) in 2010 would ban weather modification and geoengineering. Then why can they still experiment?

Weather Modification

Metal particles in atmosphere said to be zapped with heat and creates an electrified reaction of radio frequencies that could create a heatwave, or steer a jetstream under an electrified atmosphere (ionsphere). Antenna rays from the ground could super heat the atmosphere where the metallic particles have been sprayed.

Could create high pressure systems upon demand using electromagnetic frequencies or radio frequencies. HAARP

Can squash hurricanes or tornadoes — at the same time means it could CREATE them and intensify a condition.

Could spraying radioactive materials be strategically directed towards, say a targeted city?

Metallic particles also as propellents which when sprayed over forests could cause problems in the environment causing trees from absorbing water making them dry and weak.

Could this contribute to California fires? (Along with heat sending lasers)

Rain clouds can be produced using dry ice or moisture machines. A Vapor Device is entered into the U.S. Patent Office. We know of cloud seeding machines, so this has been going on deliberately. Even using weather satellites.


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