Weather Manipulation and Man-Made Storms

Cyclone Caterina

A question arises of weather manipulation and man-made storms as evidence of patents and experiments have been revealed.

The devastation in Texas is a tragedy and our hearts go out to those who have been traumatized. The weather can take horrific turns and cause havoc that we cannot control. This article is not intended to undermine the tribulation some are experiencing. Only shedding light on possibilities that could have contributed.

The document being publicized by the Texas Weather Modification Association scheduled for operation of cloud seeding for August 24 appears to be real. Some question if this is a contribution to what is going on in Houston Texas, perhaps a consequence of uncooperative conditions that went haywire, or if this is a possible intentional modification that stirred it. But the Association has denied their operations caused any further trauma on the environment, and that Climate Change hindered any cooperation and thus has caused these conditions. So in other words we have a FALSE FLAG on Climate Change environment. But isn’t that one of the issues the cloud seeding is claiming to prevent?

Folks, it would difficult to believe that weather can be modified by man-made intervention or manipulation, however, we have documents, such as the patent for Weather Modification (US 20100074390 A1) that proves ability. The patent exposes a vapor generator. And of course several documents admitting to “cloud seeding” that we know as CHEMTRAILS. After several years denying Chemtrails and excusing them for ice crystals and other ridiculous claims, some agencies have finally admitted that Chemtrails are a fact, just that they have other explanations why they have been used. Cloud seeding is evidenced having silver iodine crystals to augment precipitation. Also tests reveal it contains aluminum and barium.

And then we have suspicion of this government installation known as HAARP that has been known success in sending frequencies in the air to manipulate movement and collection of cloud formations. This facility is a mystery to the public and rumored to have the ability to cause targeted weather conditions and engage in weather weaponry. While some contend that the facility is no longer in use, rather than close, it was handed off to DARPA. DARPA is a research and development agency for the government and known to conduct such experiments. So we wonder.

But why Texas? If you recall, the Jade Helm 2015 drills and operations largely focused on Texas as a site for volatile activity as a largely potential hazard area. And told that Texas was a potential caution to them. Just strange how concentrated this hit was, and how it is on land like it is.

The timing is suspect as Trump just lifted a ban to prohibit military gear to local police forces. Trump lifted a ban that Obama signed to block armored vehicles, large caliber weapons, heavy equipment from being re-purposed from foreign battlefields to America’s streets.

However, Obama also signed the NDAA which allows interrogation and custody without Due Process. And just recently while all this was going on Congress quietly passed a bill allowing warrant-less searches in homes. This was what we were cautious of during Obama years when MARTIAL LAW was on the table.

We heard reports that Walmart is working with FEMA as they have a governmental contract to participate in emergencies and to use their facilities for staging and whatever else is issued by FEMA. Some have suspected Walmart used as a potential holding cells for suspected government dissidents in the time of emergency. This has to do with citizen rating on their cooperation. See my articles on Red Lists.

And recently I posted a video on an exercise scheduled August 23 called EarthEx to prepare for power outages through the EIS organization. And this is connected with the Black Sky Hazards. If you recall, I questioned why this was taking place AFTER the eclipse if to prepare us for such event.

Is it possible weather modifications and cloud seeding are contributing to such disasters? Your question should be whether the government – our government – would actually produce such tragedies on purpose for a purpose. Don’t forget the government has no conscious and YES have done experiments, operations, and attacks on its citizens. Need we be reminded of MKULTRA, Operation Northwoods, Operation DEW, and 9/11…?

And now (as of this article) we await the progress of Irma.

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