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In this episode we discuss the transformation of humans in a biological/technological fusion to a new creature. We identify transhumanism and explain the definition of what the developers plan, if it is ehtical, and what the end game intended. Is this a modern Nazi Eugenic program? Vaccinations play a role in this as nanoparticles contribute to the transfer of readable DNA that complies with the AI digital technology. Experiments conducted also to download the conscious mind as data.

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We look at it this time more from a technological view rather than species to species biological mutations, known as Chimera.

The definition of Transhumanism is the biological and technological fusion of humans and technology, like machines and instruments of invention. The philosophy of worldview is of a transitional enhancement of our senses and prolonging life. The experts involved in this believe the technological enhancements will aid in the prolonged life and sustainability of the mind making it perpetual.

The End game?

Functioning of humans on a level of several platforms in time and space continuing existence consciously to artificial everlasting life. A means to outlast typical physical life.

They claim to “Remake the human body to a sustainable durable vehicle.”

In their defense of ethics they equate it no more than advanced health measures like medicine, but an extensive measure beyond what medicine can do in an attempt to cure the body’s defects to reverse them.

It is a means to prevent disease, injury, mental illness, and defects to repair or correct them reprogramming the body of these imperfections.

Their claim is they would be able to repair of limbs, spinal cord, organs, eyes, etc through AI and robotics of technological prosthetic. Some of this has been attempted, but still in the future for perfection.

Futurists believe transhumanism will solve degenerate faults such as Alzheimers in which the brain could be backed up to reprogram before the defects of the mind took course – as downloadable data of the mind into correction.

Resleeving consciousness for radical life extension.

It reminds me of the Nazism Eugenics program

As well as Evolution as a philosophy for a scientific worldview that assumes Survival of the Fittest and Natural Species.

Nazi racial ideology of biological improvement by selective breeding of approved advanced races and people reprogramming of select traits considered more perfect to eliminate the feeble, weak, disabled, mentally ill of society from the chain of heredity.

Included was a Sterilization program to prevent or control traits for breeding.

The Nazi program was inspired by the eugenics program in the U.S. Enacted in California in 1933 allowing sterilization of those suffering genetic disorders. After which the Nurenberg Law was passed by Nazis for the usage of experimentation to examine defected genetic races and determine value.

In 1947 the Nuremberg Code was enacted universally to prohibit involuntary experimentation of human subjects without their consent.

We wonder if the current Vaccination is a part of this technology. It has been stated as being both “reprogramming” and also hinted to as“sterilization.”

Even the test swabs and injections are said sterilized with ethylene oxide, which under the National Cancer Institute lists it as a highly toxic poison even in small doses.

As far as reprogramming, mRNA described as messenger cell encoding to reprogram (influence reaction) of the DNA.

Magnetic test indicating a possible nano-particle injection?

We talk about these nano-particles as microscopic delivery material in the body that may attach to DNA and create a synthetic strand receivable to radio frequencies to reprogram DNA remotely. This may have validity for the usage of 5G.

Luciferace is a diode that through a Quantum microdot illuminates DNA so it is readable.

Creates a hybrid Transhuman species?

Data Mind Downloads

Facebook admitted working on brain hacking interfaces.

Bryon Johnson of Kernal wants all people to have a microchip implanted in their brain that it could be fed with neurocodes.

Biology is becoming increasingly digitized. Researchers use computers to analyze DNA, operate lab equipment and store genetic information. A new advancement of digitizing biotechnology.

Downloading Consciousness Development

Human Consciousness transferable to a new body or machine is a future idea and hope.

Technically uploading a mind to a machine would not be human. Once the “mind’s” info is extracted and downloaded, it no longer involves the human. It is technological AI, unless it was uploaded into a biological human brain. But even at that is it the same human being as created?

Not likely plausible, only theory, but is developing.

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