Trump Supporters Defend Victory, Civil Unrest at the Capitol | podcast

Trump Supporters Defend Victory, Civil Unrest at the Capitol

In this episode we discuss the incident at the Capitol in Washington D.C. to sort out some of the reason and results. Trump supporters are still holding on that their leader Trump has a takeover up his sleeve planning a coup or declaring Martial Law to indict members of the Deep State who have gone running they say. We have no real evidence backing that up so we will have to see. In the meantime the Christian so-called prophets had said God told them He wants Trump in office and Trump will serve another four years. Trumpsters will not concede and are in denial. We’ll present the cases they make.

Warning: I went on a bit of a ramp. I mean no disrespect for Trump supporters, but do exhort those trusting in a man and making THAT the bigger defense. Also God does use fallen man, but sometimes for the penalty of the people, not just to be obligated to bless a nation.

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Trump supporters stormed the Capitol some claim by Trump’s instruction. Yet they already planned the event to attend the protest. Trump merely made reference that “We are not going to take it” that opposition cited as insurrection inciting a violent protest.

We have eyewitness accounts that BLM and Antifa members were present intending on fueling the incident, but that Trump supporters likewise planned to breach the Capitol walls.

Was the election credible? Many discrepancies question the election result, but the Trump team would be required to show absolute substantial evidence to challenge the result, which they had not been able to bring to the courts. This led to the protest, which resulted in a bit of civil unrest. Enough to claim insurrection? Not likely.

My opinion of politics is strictly from an apolitical standpoint, as I have dismissed entanglement with these affairs as a direct interest. I have stated the control of the system and how politics is planned, and how both parties are subject to the same Oligarchy.

However, this infatuation with Trump causes me concern with the people taken by the psyop tactics imposed on them through Q and the so-called ex-CIA agents who claim to have gone rogue, but surfaced to reveal inside info they have access to gaining. Their assessment is that they believe wholeheartedly that Trump will emerge victor for January 20th and insists on a plan by Trump to take down the Deep State.

However, they miss several key facts, also misrepresenting the purpose of the Insurrection Act they claim Trump signed to arrest officials in the Deep State. Some even claim these arrests were done, just not reported, like Obama, the Pope, and the President of Italy. We do not see any evidence to that claim.

Several Christian prophets came out assuring Trump will win the election and serve 8 years consecutively. I named some false prophets, not for getting this wrong, but for putting man on a pedestal and lifting up a certain hero to lead as if he is the only one from God. But if God chose Trump and put him in, God would have also put in Obama, Clinton, and Hitler. And if God is in control as they say to use a faulty man as Trump, God would also be able to control the situation and use Biden in the same manner. However, they insisting pressing towards Trump that God desires assumes that God is only in the view of putting in Republican candidates, making God Republican. But God is apolitical. Certainly He doesn’t validate a declaration of June as LGBT as Trump has done.

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