Urgency of End Times | podcast

end times

Every age suspected that they were in End Times, from the disciples to today. Along the way, many signs had assumed that it was the era in which they were born, pointing to certain signs and probable fulfillment, as forces moved in against believers in persecution, and imprisoned many, or had them killed, as the antichrists had risen up to conquest. But then things lightened up once again. Meaning they missed the mark? Or perhaps the Lord had given grace for another time to end the age. We will discuss things in this age as well as Noahide Laws in existance in U.S. Congress.

Many prophets predicting end times. Many warning of tribulation, that has occurred since the times of the disciples. How is a prophet tested? And are they all allowed to speak? There is an accountability that has to be maintained. The apostolic movement validates all utterances, dreams, and visions without question. And if a prophet in what he says doesn’t come to pass, it is chalked up as merely a “miss.” But that actually means he would be a false prophet.

The Noahide Laws are persecution against Christians. They view the Jew under this law as exempt from criminality, while binding to the “goyim.” And this law was written into Congress under HR 104.

Zionists, both claimed Jews, and those secular Zionists, who conform to this are supportive of the Noahide Laws. Zionists make up those who adopt Judaism, as well as Kabbalah. And they have contempt for Jesus Christ. The Talmud regarded desecrates Jesus Christ. So persecution is inevitable.

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